10 Reasons to have a Spring Photo Shoot

Apr 1, 2017 | Family & Animal Photo Shoots, Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

Woo hoo it’s April, those evenings are getting longer, things are warming up a little and I even managed to get a teeny bit sun burnt last weekend! This can only mean one thing, Spring is here…..! I absolutely love Spring and I adore photographing people and their horses at this time of the year so I thought I would share with you my top 10 Reasons to have a Spring Photo Shoot!

I can never quite decide which is my favourite between Spring and Autumn as I love them both but I thought I would put together a few reasons why Spring is an awesome time of the year to book that horse and rider photo shoot you’ve been dreaming about all Winter!

My top 10 reasons to have a Spring photo shoot:

  1. Those beautiful blossoms!
  2. All those vibrant and fresh colours….
  3. The world is teeming with life, who doesn’t want a flock of adorable lambs in the back ground of their shot?
  4. It’s suddenly a teeny bit warmer
  5. It’s just about warm enough to brave some great outfits (We’ll have someone on standby with a blanket just in case!)
  6. Spring is in the air and getting horses to look alert is not going to be a problem!
  7. Ok I’m going to be honest here I’m not as busy as I will be in the Summer and so you will most likely see your images and receive your photos back a little bit quicker than in the Summer and Autumn….. (sorry Summer shoots!)
  8. LESS FLIES – that’s always got to be a good thing for everyone involved!
  9. The morning and evening light is that little bit softer than later on in the year…
  10. COLOURS, so this is the same point as number 2 but I feel it needs to be emphasised! Yellows, fresh bright greens, purples, pinks and that beautiful blue Spring sky!

I hope you enjoy the selection of photos below which are all from the last few years and shot in either April or May. Obviously a potential hazard with this time of the year is the weather (but then when in the UK isn’t it?!) I am always happy to rearrange shoots if the day you book ends up looking a bit grim so please don’t worry about that.

If you would like to book or enquire about a shoot this Spring please get in touch via any of the links below. I have a few Spring dates still available so give me a shout and lets go have some fun!

Ciara x

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