10 reasons to have a Summer Photo Shoot with your Horse

10 Reasons to have a Summer Photo Shoot

Jul 4, 2017 | Family & Animal Photo Shoots, Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

And here we are in July already…. where did the first half of 2017 get to? It’s been a great 6 months of shoots with lots of exciting plans, shoots and adventures to come over the next few months! Following on from my Spring post I thought it was high time to share with you my 10 reasons to have a Summer Photo Shoot!

  1. It’s warm…..er. Well some of the time anyway……
  2. Everything is looking lush (and I mean in the green sense!)
  3. Those long, warm Summer evenings…ahhhh
  4. Your horses are looking their very best with lovely shiny coats and plenty of condition
  5. When you look back on your photos you will feel that warmth and the balmy summer breeze…. I promise!
  6. It’s your chance to dress up, rock your favourite outfit and not have to worry about goose bumps!
  7. Crops and hay fields. Huge fields of tall grasses and crops (which we would always respectfully keep to the edges of course) make for some gorgeous backdrops and when the hay has been cut no one minds a few bales being sat on or used as a backdrop…
  8. Colours….they may be a little different to the Spring ones but there are plenty of them around, have a look around before your shoot to see if there are any flowers, shrubs or areas which would make for a gorgeous backdrop.
  9. Work that tan…. You may have been on holiday or perhaps you’ve just picked up a bit of colour from being out and about on the yard, either way, we all tend to feel a bit healthier and more confident with a bit of a glow so use it!
  10. Summer memories are the best, I have so many fond memories of the Summer time especially growing up with my ponies. Long Summer holidays filled with riding until it got dark at 10pm, collecting hay bales from the fields, camping out in the fields with the ponies and simply being outside from dawn til dusk. I’ve always felt that Summer time is, without doubt, the best time to enjoy having horses so make the most of it with a Photo Shoot to capture your kids and their ponies before they grow up or just enjoy hanging out with your horse for an evening while we create memories to treasure.

I hope you enjoy the selection of photos below which are from the past few years of shooting and were all taken from June through to September. As always I am of course flexible when it comes to the weather and for those shoots who book in and the weather decides to pretend it’s November I am of course happy to rearrange to a more pleasant day!

If you would like to discuss booking in a Photo Shoot please get in touch via any of the links below.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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