10 Reasons to have an Autumn Photo Shoot

Sep 1, 2017 | Family & Animal Photo Shoots, Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

As it’s the 1st of September suddenly I thought it would be a good time to share with you my top 10 reasons to have an Autumn Photo Shoot… So here they are!

  1. The colours…. they say a picture is worth a thousand words and I’m definitely not about to bore you with a thousand words so just take a look at some of my favourite Autumn Photo Shoot examples below. 🙂
  2. The light…. I know this is something anyone who has had a shoot with me will constantly hear me banging on about or muttering away to myself about on a photo shoot at any time of the year but Autumn light really is something quite special….filtering through those trees, blanketing the countryside, you really can’t beat it….
  3. Early morning mist…..often a little elusive but oh so special if you get lucky!
  4. More sociable shoot times…. ok well I still like to start shoots nice and early to be in with a chance of getting some lovely morning mist but afternoon shoot times start to actually be in the afternoon and not shooting well into the evening….
  5. Your horses are looking fantastic, they should still have their beautiful summer coats and be looking fit and beautiful after your Summer’s adventures….
  6. No more flies…..!!! This is definitely something to be celebrated!
  7. It’s still warm….every time of the year requires frequent checking of the weather in the run up to a shoot but as Summer seems to be steadily moving into the Autumn territory it means it should still be warm enough to flaunt your favourite dress should you be feeling brave!
  8. Stubble fields, hay bales and the end of long golden grass….all features to be embraced on a good Autumn Photo Shoot!
  9. Outfits… you can embrace everything on an Autumn Photo shoot…why not start out in a Summer dress while it’s still nice and warm but end snuggled in your woolies for a big cuddly finish to your photo shoot!
  10. The colours….I know I’ve mentioned this already but I feel it deserves another mention….red leaves, orange berries, rainbows, moody skies, green fields, yellow sunsets, the colours don’t get better than this!

And once it’s all done and dusted you get to curl up in front of the fire and relax….what could be more perfect?!

I hope you enjoy the selection of photos below which have all been taken between September and the end of November and if you would like to have a chat to discuss any aspect of having a photo shoot or would like to book one in for this Autumn please get in touch via any of the means below.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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