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On the 10th Day of Christmas I give you; Melanie & Jack’s Remember Me Photo Shoot

Jan 3, 2017 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots, Remember Me Photo Shoots

It’s officially the 10th day of Christmas today and it definitely feels like the festivities are coming to an end….almost time to take the tree down! I am delighted though to share another of my favourite shoots from Autumn 2016. This time it’s Melanie & Jack’s Remember Me Photo Shoot. Part of this shoot was shot at the beginning of September and then due to some slightly unpleasant weather moving in faster than expected the second half was shot at the very beginning of October!

Remember Me shoots are usually very sad affairs as they’re primarily for people saying their final farewells to animals who have been a big part of their lives before being put to sleep and a way of getting some beautiful photographs to remember them by. I am pleased to say that that isn’t the case with Jack and he was certainly full of beans on the two occasions I had the pleasure of working with him on. However due to an accident a year or so ago and subsequent related injuries there is a chance that when his quality of life begins to fade and there are problems with pain management the kindest thing to do will sadly be to say goodbye. Melanie was keen to have a Remember Me Photo Shoot with him when he was still looking his best and he certainly is quite the stunner!

Prior to his accident Jack had been a very successful show horse and at the end of the second shoot when we turned him out loose into the paddock he certainly showed us how he liked to strut his stuff and show off! At times you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with him and his cheeky character certainly doesn’t allow him to let on that he’s in pain. Sadly though the scars tell his story of recent years.

I’m sharing some of my favourites from both shoots, although the weather deteriorated to a point where it wasn’t possible to continue on the first attempt there were still some great shots from it but the second morning was just a picture perfect Autumnul one!

Only 2 shoots left to be featured….. who will they be?? And of course don’t forget there is a very exciting announcement to be made at the end of this series! For anyone interested in booking a shoot in for themselves please see the links below and don’t forget if you want a gorgeous Winter shoot I have an offer running until the end of March for just £65!

Until tomorrow,

Ciara x

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