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On the 11th Day of Christmas I give you; Chrissy’s Equine Portrait Shoot with Benji & Neena

Jan 4, 2017 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

Christmas is so very nearly over for another year but today on the 11th day of it I am delighted to share with you Chrissy’s equine portrait shoot from last July! I spent a great evening down with Chrissy and her mother and son duo just outside Chester on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year in the North West! In fact it’s been warming this afternoon just looking back on the images from Chrissy’s shoot!

It’s always a pleasure to go back to the same yard for different shoots and this was my 4th shoot on this particular yard. After saying a few hello’s to some familiar horsey faces we had a quick scout around to see where the best spots were going to be on this occasion and tried to gauge how tempting the pond was going to seem half way through the sticky shoot!

The heat was pretty intense but luckily as I always shoot either as early as possible in the morning or as late as possible in the afternoon/evening to get the best of the days light the most intense heat of the day had eased a little. Benji was pretty excited to be up on the top yard where his Mum Neena enjoys a quiet and peaceful retirement with her other retired friends and seemed a little out of sorts to have her young, excitable son back around and nagging her to also get excited! However they got on for the most part and the decision to ride one bareback whilst leading the other was an idea Chrissy had been keen on since booking the shoot! Thankfully for that part neither of them put a hoof wrong!

We did have a minor escapee moment when Benji decided life had got a little too much and he just had to tell his friends down on his usual yard ( a few hundred meters down the farm track) all about it! Luckily he was in hand at the time and rather ran out of enthusiasm for the idea a little way down the track. He seemed quite happy to be rescued and to have a hack of shame back up the track with Chrissy back on top and in control again!

It was certainly worth braving the heat (not a usual weather concern I have to say!) that evening as we managed to get a great set of images of Chrissy’s two beautiful horses whilst making full use of those long, dreamy and warm summer evenings…..ahhhh! I can’t wait for those to come around again!

So just one more blog to come tomorrow and then that’s it, Christmas is officially over! Speaking of celebrations though I would like to say a big Happy Birthday to Chrissy for today and I look forward to getting your extra ’12 Days of Christmas’ print out to you as a belated Christmas and why not make it a bit of a birthday pressie too!

Until tomorrow folks,

Ciara x

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