2020 // Best of: Horse & Dog At Liberty Photo Shoots

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Following on from last week’s “2020 // BEST OF: FAMILY & ANIMALS PHOTO SHOOTS” I’d love to share with you some of my favourite images from 2020’s Horse & Dog At Liberty Photo Shoots.

Whether I’m photographing a horse running wild and free across an open landscape or capturing a horse portrait against a black background I just love photographing horses and dogs ‘at liberty.’

I love capturing that essence of their personality and creating timeless portraits which are going to be a lasting legacy for the most beloved of animals.

A Horse and Rider Photo Shoot

Often I am booked to just come and work with a client’s horses or dogs but more often that not I include these parts of the shoots at the beginning or end of a Horse & Rider or even a Family & Animal session. All I need for the Portraits on the black background is the entrance to a stable or barn and the rest in in camera magic and a little post production!

I hope you enjoy some of my favourite images below from last years Horse & Dog At Liberty Photo Shoots.

Coming up next time: ‘2020 // The Best of: Proposal Photo Shoots!’

Ciara x

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