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2020 // Best of: Horse & Rider Photo Shoots

Jan 27, 2021 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

As always at this time of the year I really enjoy the process of updating my Portfolio with some of my favourite images from the previous year. This year is no different and so over the next few weeks I’m going to share these with you. Starting with the ‘Best of Horse & Rider Photo Shoots.’

It’s no easy task I have to admit and I hate the bit where I have to omit certain images that I love but I don’t want to keep you here until next Christmas either! 😆

A Horse And Rider Photo Shoot Cork

2020 was certainly a strange year with many unexpected twists and turns. I am so grateful to all my wonderful clients who continued to support my small business. I would like to use these blogs to celebrate each and every shoot I worked on. As well as extending my gratitude once again to everyone I had the pleasure of working with.

It was very odd having to keep my distance and being a lot less hands on with the animals I was photographing. Hand gel became yet another addition to my trusty shoot bag and I felt a bit strange on a number of shoots waiting for gates to be opened for me in order to avoid touching anything that wasn’t mine. I promise I’m not usually such a prima donna! 😅 And of course then there were the Zoom viewing and ordering sessions! When technology is behaving itself these can have some benefits over the old days of meeting in person but there were a few technological bumps along the way…

A Horse And Rider Photo Shoot

Luckily none of this made any difference to the actual results of any of the shoots. As I mentioned on many occasions last year, I’m always pretty far away from the subjects I’m photographing due to the lenses I use and being outside and in the fresh air minimises the risks that Covid presents. I quickly realised that I’d been inadvertently carrying out socially distanced Horse & Rider Photo Shoots for years! 😅

One day I hope to be able to go back to getting in lots of cuddles with my (Equine) subjects again. For now though, just being able to get out on these Horse & Rider Photo Shoots and still being able to capture precious moments and create priceless memories is an honour and a privilege and I’m happy to keep my distance and do everything I can to keep everyone safe in the process.

A Horse And Rider Photo Shoot Cheshire

Coming up next time: ‘2020 // The Best of: Family & Animal Photo Shoots’
And in case you missed it you can find my best of 2020 outtakes here: ‘2020 PHOTO SHOOT OUTTAKES’

Ciara x

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