2021 photo shoot outtakes

The Best of 2021 Photo Shoot Outtakes

Jan 13, 2022 | Deluxe Photo Shoot, Latest, Standard Shoot

I was about to start my 2021 round-up blog series on a more serious note with some of my favourite Portraits but then I remembered it was January and everyone could probably do with a giggle! So I’m starting with my favourite 2021 Photo Shoot Outtakes!

Some of these have made the back page of an album, some have even made it onto a print and absolutely all of them have brought a smile and some laughter during a viewing session! I love outtakes and 2021 provided some absolute corkers!

Yes please, I would like to roll in the middle of my ‘at liberty’ shoot…. 🙈

Whether it’s a Horse whinnying back at me when I’ve played a noise to get their attention, a tongue being stuck out (seemingly on purpose in so many of these shots!) or an over excited 4 year (of the human variety!) old leaping around, these are moments of absolute gold and sometimes can tell as much of a story as the ‘proper’ photographs!

It’s safe to say Blue the Shetland is an absolute saint!

I know booking a Photo Shoot with your Horse can be a daunting thought… will they behave? Will they just try and eat everything in sight and will they be a bit of a diva? And do you know what I tell all my clients? Yes they probably will! They’re horses! BUT, it really doesn’t matter! We will still get the shots worthy of a spot over your fire place and you might even struggle to narrow your favourites down to the number that will fit in an album… Plus you will have some hilarious outtakes which will never fail to bring a smile to your face when you remember quite how cheeky your horse of a lifetime really was!

A swift and sneaky slobber attack!

I do hope you enjoy this selection of 2021 Photo Shoot Outtakes and do keep an eye out for the rest of my 2021 round-up series coming over the next few weeks!

Ciara x

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