horse on a blackbackground sticking out it's tongue

Outtakes, bloopers, whatever you want to call them. Ultimately these are usually the photos that make you laugh out loud and that can only ever be a good thing! Sometimes they make it onto the wall, often they make it into the back of an album and they always bring a smile to people’s faces! Below is a round up of my very Favourite Photo Shoot Outtakes from 2023.

Whether it’s tongues out, an impromptu doggy kiss, or a case of the zoomies these outtakes not only add a touch of humor to our sessions but also showcase the often hilarious personalities of our beloved furry friends!

In the world of photography, sometimes the unexpected moments turn out to be the most precious. It’s often in these candid moments that the true bond between animals and their families shines through, creating genuine memories that last a lifetime.

While the final, polished images are what I’m hoping will adorn your walls for a lifetime, the outtakes hold a special place in our hearts! They are a reminder that perfection lies in the imperfect, and the journey to the ideal shot is filled with laughter, joy, and a touch of unpredictability!

Below are a few of my absolute favourites from last year. Some of these animals I swear know there’s a camera pointed at them and are putting on a little show! Others are of a more fortuitous nature but either way I do hope they bring a smile to your face this January morning!

Ready to embark on your own photo shoot adventure? Reach out to book your session, and let’s create memories that will have you smiling โ€“ outtakes and all! You never know, you could even be featuring in my 2024 Favourite Photo Shoot Outtakes blog this time next year!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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