On the 6th day of Christmas I give to you; Becky & Ellie’s Photo Shoots

Dec 30, 2016 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

Ok so I know I’ve cheated a little here but there are so many photo shoots from last year that were absolute crackers that I had to sneak another one in somehow! I had such a fun morning with Becky and Ellie last May that I absolutely had to include their shoots in my ‘Favourites from 2016!’

Becky first contacted me back in the spring of 2015 and booked a shoot in for herself and her 3 adorable Exmoor ponies, however due to a series of events the shoot got pushed back to later and later in the year and eventually the sweet-itch on one of her Exmoor’s got too bad and so we decided to reschedule to the following spring. (Reasons like these are why there are no expiry dates of my vouchers or on shoots as sometimes it’s necessary to be very flexible when it comes to horses!)

Anyway May 2016 came around before we knew it and one of Becky’s friends Ellie had also booked to have a shoot so we decided it would be a bit of fun to do it all together. I got down to Becky’s at a horribly early time one Sunday morning in May (in order to try and beat the flies!) and the photo shoots couldn’t have gone any better!

I may have been stained yellow from buttercup pollen, slightly cooked by the sun and somewhat knackered by the end but it was all totally worth while and the results were stunning for both the girls. Between them there were 5 ponies, 3 of which were the afore mentioned Exmoors and then Magic the big coloured and his mini me KC who is the apple of Ellie’s eye!

Funnily enough I had actually been on the moors in Exmoor photographing the wild ponies (you can see the photos from this expedition on my old blog HERE) about a month before Becky went to pick Tarka and Lady up to help create her very own little Exmoor herd all the way up in Cheshire! I was obviously very excited to meet her three after hearing so much about them and they didn’t disappoint!

Ellie was an absolute little star to photograph as well. KC was being a little headstrong to begin with as we were on the longest, lushest grass around and KC being a small typical pony prone to becoming a little rotund without too much trouble thought Christmas had come early! Becky’s presence and a switch to a bridle soon put a stop to that but in the meantime Ellie never let her smile fade. Although I think it’s fair to say she wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the outfit ideas her mum had for her she wore the pink tutu with grace and looked absolutely amazing! There were even two pairs of shoes sacrificed for the sake of putting the flowers from the shoes into KC’s mane along with my trusty supply….! Some of the things these ponies have to put up with during photo shoots…honestly they’re all saints!

Anyway I will stop rambling on now and leave with you with some of my favourites from Becky’s and Ellie’s buttercup-tastic shoot from last year!

Until tomorrow……

Ciara x

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