Kayleigh & Kinvara's Mother, Daughter and Horse Photo Shoot
Mother, daughter and horse photo shoot

On the 9th Day of Christmas I give you; Kayleigh & Kinvara’s Mother, Daughter and Horse Photo Shoot!

Jan 2, 2017 | Family & Animal Photo Shoots, Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

Well we’re creeping nearer to the official end of Christmas and I’m guessing lots of you are heading back to work tomorrow which definitely marks some sort of end to the festivities sadly! There are however another 3 blogs to come over the next 3 days as I pick my last few favourite equine photo shoots from 2016! Today on the 9th day of Christmas it is my pleasure to share with you some images from Kayleigh and Kinvara’s mother, daughter and horse photo shoot from last October.

I was really pleased when Stephanie (from the 3rd day of Christmas!) got back in touch to organise a gift voucher for her friend Kayleigh. Kayleigh was very excited at the prospect of having a mother, daughter and horse photo shoot and so we embarked on a photographic mission with Kinvara and Indie the horse to get everyone happy, smiling, relaxed, enjoying themselves and of course those ears pricked! (Indie’s that is not Kinvara’s!)

Working with children as young as Kinvara and horses at the same time is never a particularly easy task but I absolutely love the reward for that bit of patience and perseverance which can lead to capturing such precious moments. Indie is an absolute gem of a mare and so good with Kinvara luckily. Kinvara dipped in and out of enthusiasm for the photo shoot but keeping her warm and fed at regular intervals definitely helped the situation! I do usually find with small children too that it takes them a little bit of time to get used to me but taking a shoot slowly, with plenty of breaks and time for fun is definitely the way forward! There are usually multiple games of chase involved and quite often some hide and seek….! There are exceptions of course and I was knocked clean off my feet recently by a 2 year old with a very enthusiastic hug about 2 minutes into a shoot as I was crouching down trying to photograph him but that’s definitely a rare occurrence!

Whilst Kinvara was being fed and warmed up I got a great chance to work with Kayleigh and Indie on their own for a little while and the shoot was definitely helped by some enthusiastic assistance from Stephanie who turned up to help with ears, children and horses!

It was a great fun and beautifully Autumnul morning which was topped off by Simba the cat and Scar the dog joining in with great enthusiasm! It was a pleasure working with Kayleigh and Kinvara and many thanks of course to Stephanie for making it happen and being such a help on the day!

Oh and how adorable is Kinvara’s last outfit??!

Until tomorrow,

Ciara x

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