A B*Spoke Eventing Shoot with Bonnie Fishburn at Kelsall Hill

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Raincoat, check, sun creme, check, good walking boots, check, t-shirt, check, thermals, check, camera bag, check! I love the outdoors and I love spending so much of my working life embracing it but you just don’t know where you stand at this time of the year! Preparation for all and any eventualities is key I believe!! So with half of my wardrobe packed & emergency supplies to last about a week it was off to Kelsall Hill again this year for British Eventing’s Spring event this time with Bonnie Fishburn and her home bred ‘Direct Flo.’ It didn’t get off to the best of starts with Bonnie having to make the difficult decision the night before not to run Percy who had been in great form leading up to it so Florence had to keep herself entertained in the marvel that is ‘Queen Wendy!’

BonnieAtKelsallHill-2 BonnieAtKelsallHill-3I love B*Spoke Eventing Shoots from a photographers, a horse lovers and an eventing enthusiasts point of view and they have the added bonus when photographing all of the action AND the behind the scenes goings on that they keep you very very fit! Having evented myself throughout my teens I understand the rollercoast of a ride (pardon the pun!) a days eventing can unleash and love to capture all the details which make a days eventing so special and tell the whole story, not just the action moments.

Despite the disappointing set back with Percy, Bonnie went on to have a fabulous day at Kelsall. With a very respectable score of 26 after dressage Florence did her proud with a double clear well inside the time to secure a 4th place for the combination in a competitive BE100 Open class.


But as they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll stop waffling and let the photos tell the story of their day!

   BonnieAtKelsallHill-6 BonnieAtKelsallHill-13BonnieAtKelsallHill-9   BonnieAtKelsallHill-15 BonnieAtKelsallHill-19 BonnieAtKelsallHill-20 BonnieAtKelsallHill-21 BonnieAtKelsallHill-22 BonnieAtKelsallHill-23 BonnieAtKelsallHill-26 BonnieAtKelsallHill-27 BonnieAtKelsallHill-29 BonnieAtKelsallHill-30 BonnieAtKelsallHill-32 BonnieAtKelsallHill-35BonnieAtKelsallHill-34  BonnieAtKelsallHill-36 BonnieAtKelsallHill-39 BonnieAtKelsallHill-40 BonnieAtKelsallHill-43 BonnieAtKelsallHill-46 BonnieAtKelsallHill-48 BonnieAtKelsallHill-50 BonnieAtKelsallHill-51 BonnieAtKelsallHill-53 BonnieAtKelsallHill-55 BonnieAtKelsallHill-56 BonnieAtKelsallHill-58 BonnieAtKelsallHill-59 BonnieAtKelsallHill-61 BonnieAtKelsallHill-64 BonnieAtKelsallHill-65 BonnieAtKelsallHill-66 BonnieAtKelsallHill-67 BonnieAtKelsallHill-68 BonnieAtKelsallHill-70 BonnieAtKelsallHill-71  BonnieAtKelsallHill-74 BonnieAtKelsallHill-75 BonnieAtKelsallHill-76 BonnieAtKelsallHill-77 BonnieAtKelsallHill-78 BonnieAtKelsallHill-79 BonnieAtKelsallHill-80 BonnieAtKelsallHill-82 BonnieAtKelsallHill-84 BonnieAtKelsallHill-85 BonnieAtKelsallHill-87 BonnieAtKelsallHill-88 BonnieAtKelsallHill-89 BonnieAtKelsallHill-90 BonnieAtKelsallHill-92 BonnieAtKelsallHill-94 BonnieAtKelsallHill-95 BonnieAtKelsallHill-96 BonnieAtKelsallHill-97 BonnieAtKelsallHill-98 BonnieAtKelsallHill-99 BonnieAtKelsallHill-100 BonnieAtKelsallHill-101 BonnieAtKelsallHill-102 BonnieAtKelsallHill-104 BonnieAtKelsallHill-105 BonnieAtKelsallHill-107 BonnieAtKelsallHill-108 BonnieAtKelsallHill-109 BonnieAtKelsallHill-111 BonnieAtKelsallHill-112 BonnieAtKelsallHill-114 BonnieAtKelsallHill-115 BonnieAtKelsallHill-116 BonnieAtKelsallHill-117 BonnieAtKelsallHill-120 BonnieAtKelsallHill-121 BonnieAtKelsallHill-122 BonnieAtKelsallHill-123 BonnieAtKelsallHill-124 BonnieAtKelsallHill-125 BonnieAtKelsallHill-126 BonnieAtKelsallHill-128 BonnieAtKelsallHill-129 BonnieAtKelsallHill-130 BonnieAtKelsallHill-131 BonnieAtKelsallHill-132 BonnieAtKelsallHill-133 BonnieAtKelsallHill-134 BonnieAtKelsallHill-137 BonnieAtKelsallHill-138 BonnieAtKelsallHill-136BonnieAtKelsallHill-139 BonnieAtKelsallHill-140 BonnieAtKelsallHill-141 BonnieAtKelsallHill-142 BonnieAtKelsallHill-144 BonnieAtKelsallHill-143  BonnieAtKelsallHill-146 BonnieAtKelsallHill-148 BonnieAtKelsallHill-149 BonnieAtKelsallHill-150 BonnieAtKelsallHill-151 BonnieAtKelsallHill-152 BonnieAtKelsallHill-153  BonnieAtKelsallHill-155 BonnieAtKelsallHill-156 BonnieAtKelsallHill-157 BonnieAtKelsallHill-158 BonnieAtKelsallHill-159 BonnieAtKelsallHill-160 BonnieAtKelsallHill-161 BonnieAtKelsallHill-162 BonnieAtKelsallHill-163 BonnieAtKelsallHill-165 BonnieAtKelsallHill-166 BonnieAtKelsallHill-167

If you are interested in finding out more about the B*Spoke Eventing Shoots I offer please see my website or get in touch for a chat!

Until next time, Ciara x

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