A Couple & Horses Photo Shoot // Sam & Brent // February 2019

In Horse and Rider Photo Shoots by Ciara Doone Rush

Back in February I had the pleasure of working with Sam & Brent on a ‘Couples & Horses Photo Shoot.’ Well actually it was a couple, horses and dog photo shoot to be precise!

I love shoots like these. There’s always such a great dynamic when working with a couple. Plus not only do you get to give the horses a little break in between shots but I love it when I’ve guided one person into a particular position to get the best of the light and location and the second person just waltzes in and nails their turn without a single piece of direction!

Every shoot is completely tailored to what my clients want out of their session but with a couple & horses photo shoot I usually work with both parties individually as well as getting some lovely shots together.

In this case there was not only Leo & Keela the horses but also a very excitable Collie, Finn to include in the ‘all together’ shots. Finn usually isn’t too keen on the horses but luckily with a little bit of distracting and a very interesting looking ball he seemed to completely forget about the huge, scary beasts behind him and looked like a total pro on the photos!

I hope you enjoy this selection of photos from Sam & Brent’s session!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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