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A GUIDE TO YOUR EQUINE PHOTO SHOOT. #5: What does an Equine Photo Shoot cost?

Feb 3, 2020 | Preparing for a Photo Shoot

It’s the final instalment of the Guide to your Equine Photo Shoot and it’s all about What does an Equine Photo Shoot cost!

It might be the million dollar question but I can assure you it won’t cost you a million dollars!

This is a tricky topic to cover and what I would like to say first and foremost is that every photographer is different and there is no right or wrong answer. I’m addressing this from a personal point of view and am covering what does an Equine Photo Shoot cost with me, why my professional photography services cost what they do and what you get for that.

How does it all work?

There are 2 main business models that professional photographers use. One is a set fee for the Photo Shoot session and includes all the images from the shoot. The images tend to be delivered in a digital format and this usually involves a much higher cost initially but lower costs after the photo shoot when you (hopefully) get around to printing and framing your photographs yourself.

The second model (which is the one I use) has a lower fee for the Photo Shoot session and then usually a higher spend afterwards once you have viewed your images and decided what you like and love from your session. Most photographers include something with your session fee and in my case I include a 10×8 fine art mounted print and a few preview photos on social media.

My main reasons for using this second model are primarily that you have more flexibility as to what you spend and more choices as to how you receive your images. My clients always end up with something physical to enjoy at home, even if they are ordering high resolution digital images as I include keepsake prints and a beautifully engraved USB stick and box to keep them all in. And most of my clients end up with framed or mounted prints, artwork to hang on the walls and coffee table albums with all their favourite images in to display proudly. Rather than just files on a computer or phone which might or might not ever get printed and could eventually get lost/deleted or corrupted over time.

My secondary reason is that printing (once you get round to it) is also a bit of a dark art! Have you ever sent your photos off to get printed only to find an important part of it cut off or just got flimsy, floppy, shiny photos back which don’t show off the colours properly or which fades in a matter of months? Whether you order one print from me or a whole Collection, both myself and my carefully chosen printers and suppliers are going to do everything we can to ensure your products are top quality and will last a lifetime so all you need to do it decide where to hang them and sit back and enjoy! And if you do order a High Res Digital Collection I give you a print guide complete with recommended printers, recommended sizes to print your photos and keepsake prints so you know what they’re supposed to look like when printed!

Why I charge what I do:

While it might seem like you as the client are just paying for one photo to hang on the wall and the frame to go around it, there is a huge amount more that goes into running a photography business and these costs have to be reflected in our pricing whichever business model a photographer is using.

Whilst every photographer has different running costs, I’m going to run you through some, but by no means all of mine.

Camera body #1 – £2,349 (replaced every 2-3 years)
Camera body #2 – £2,153 (replaced every 2-3 years)
Backup Camera body: (replaced by one of the above every 2-3 years)
Lense #1: £2,349 (replaced every 5-6 years)
Lense #2: £2,149
Lenses #3, 4 & 5: between £500 – £1,500 each
Batteries x 6: £60 each
High-speed memory cards x 6: £50 each (replaced every 2 years)
Camera bag: £200
+ Flashguns, lighting modifiers, straps etc. £500+

Kit servicing & repairs:
£200 – £1000 per year

Main Desktop: £2849 (replaced every 3-5 years)
Laptop: £1799
iPad for viewings and tradeshows: £969
NAS Drive & Hard drives for file storage: £1200 approx

Editing software / Studio Management Software & Tech fees: Approx £300 per year

Business insurance: Approx £450 per year

Car: Tax/MOT/Insurance/Petrol/Servicing….. Approx £4,500 per year

Training/Professional Body Membership fees/Courses & Education: £500 – £1500 per year

Website hosting fees/domain names etc approx £350 per year

Accountant £900 per year

Marketing/Trade Stand fees/Printing/Advertising/Sponsored Riders/Newsletters/Portfolio Shoots etc etc etc Variable but approx £2,500 per year

And of course a wage for myself so I can pay the mortgage, feed the cat and go on a nice holiday every once in a while…

On top of all the annual and bi-annual expenses above there are also the years of training and experience to consider. As well as the value of the creative process that any good photographer brings with them to each and every job. This isn’t something they had when they first picked up a camera. This is something which has been honed and developed over years and allows each photographer to develop their own unique style and look.

And that’s all before a photo is printed!

I know every business has it’s associated costs but I think with photography in particular, it’s very easy to blur the lines between having it as a hobby and running it as a professional business. And so it’s not always easy to consider all the expenses which have to be factored into every job.

Back to the nitty gritty… Whilst I could simply add up all my running costs and divide it between the number of jobs I have time to complete every year I feel this is a bit of a one size fits all approach and every single client who comes to me has different desires, budgets and ideas and I feel like my model is able to cater better to those than the one size fits all.

I am also passionate (as you might have gathered) about not leaving photos on computers but unleashing them onto print where they ultimately belong! Although you also get digital copies of everything you order from me, first and foremost you get prints, wall art and albums to hold, to proudly display and to enjoy for a lifetime!

What does an Equine Photo Shoot cost typically?

With my session fee, as I mentioned above you get a complimentary 10×8 fine art mounted print which is worth £95. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything else at all from your Photo Shoot. However, most people spend between £500 and £1200 on their Photo Shoot experience.

I’ve put together a few different example scenarios below:

First of all there is your session fee. A Horse & Rider Photo Shoot Session is £175 and includes the following:
-A Photo Shoot Guide with a Style Guide to help you prepare
-A Pre Shoot Phone Consultation to plan your session so you can get the most out of it.
-A 2-3 hour long Photo Shoot at home or at a location of your choosing with up to 3 outfit changes.
-The first 50 miles (each way) of my travel to the shoot location.
-A few preview photos on social media a day or so after your Photo Shoot.
-The editing and processing of your full set of images.
-A private viewing & ordering session currently in the comfort of your own home.
-A complimentary 10×8” fine art mounted print (worth £95) to choose from your Photo Shoot to start you off.

You might then fall in love with lots of your images from your session and so decide to purchase my ‘Printed Collection #3’ for £595 which includes the following:
-Your complimentary 10×8” fine art mounted print
-A personally designed 8×8” Photo Album with your favourite 30 images
-Your favourite image as a 10×8” fine art framed print
-And another favourite as an 8×6” fine art framed print
-All 30 images as internet resolution digital images which you can share on your favourite social media platform and with all your friends & family.
TOTAL COST (including session fee) : £770

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with one image in particular and want it for a wall in your living room but also love 15 others which you would like to be able to print yourself and use to make gifts for family members.
-Your complimentary 10×8” fine art mounted print
-Your favourite images as a 30″ fine art canvas for £395
-Your favourite 15 images as High Resolution Digial files with fine art keepsake prints and a print guide for £600
TOTAL COST (including session fee): £1140

This has been a really special shoot and you want to treat your family to Printed Collection #1 for £1295 which includes the following:
-Your complimentary 10×8” fine art mounted print
-Your favourite 40 images in a beautiful 12×12” Photo Album
-Your favourite image as a 30×20” framed print to hang above your fireplace
-Another favourite image as a 20×16” Framed Acrylic for the kitchen
-An 8×6” fine art framed print for your desk at work
-All 40 images as internet res digital files to share with family & friends
-Your slideshow with all the images from your Photo Shoot which you can rewatch as many times as you like
TOTAL COST (including session fee) : £1495

You’re on a budget but choose your favourite 4 images:
-Your complimentary 10×8” fine art mounted print
-And your 3 other favourites as 8×6” fine art mounted prints (£60 each)
TOTAL COST (including session fee): £355

I am always happy to chat to you about my pricing at any stage throughout the booking and shoot process and it should definitely be a factor in deciding whether I am the right photographer for you. It’s really useful for me if you have an idea of what it is you might like at the end of your shoot too as I can then try and tailor your session to make sure we achieve it.

2020 Pricing

You can find all my pricing for my prints and products on my website HERE and if you wish to see my actual product price guide then please let me know and I will happily email one over to you.

The good news for 2020 clients is all my pricing is staying the same as 2019! This is due to none of my suppliers putting their prices up and because I am happy with my current bunch of suppliers and printers I’m not changing any of them this year!

Speaking of which, my printers and suppliers are also a major influencer on the prices I charge for my prints and products. Yes, there are cheaper options out there but I have spent years working with and refining my list of carefully selected printers and suppliers. Ultimately with every print I send out I want to be 100% happy with it and know it’s going to last you for a lifetime.

The Investment & The Legacy

Professional portrait photography is a luxury. For some of my clients it’s a once in a lifetime experience and for others it’s something they want to invest in on a more regular basis to capture and preserve precious memories of their growing families or ever expanding stables!

I am passionate about my work and the legacy it can create. For me, nothing beats sitting down with a cup of tea and flicking back through an old photo album. The memories which are evoked and the moments photos have the power to recreate are really quite special. Their value only ever increases with the passing of time, places and people and I certainly wouldn’t be without my albums and my photos on the wall.

It is an investment but it’s one you’re never going to regret.

My Ethos

As my business has grown and developed over the years I have come to realise that to give each client the best possible experience there is a limit to the number of sessions I can do per month and per year. I am constantly developing my systems and ideas in order to provide the best possible experience and capture images which I want, more than anything, for you, to treasure for a lifetime! I try and do this at a price which is right for you but which will also enable my business to thrive and to be able to make a living from something that I am truly passionate about.

Well if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this then thank you for taking the time! This hasn’t been the easiest of blog’s to write but I hope it sheds a little more light on the question what does an Equine Photo Shoot cost and why!

If you have any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to get in touch or if you’re ready to get in touch to book your Photo Shoot then I look forward to hearing from you.

Please see below for some of the prints and products I offer and my PORTFOLIO for some of my all-time favourite moments captured!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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