A GUIDE TO YOUR PHOTO SHOOT. #3: What happens on the day of my Photo Shoot?

Sep 27, 2019 | Preparing for a Photo Shoot

What happens on the day of my Photo Shoot? This is obviously a common question amongst those who are about to book a Photo Shoot with their horse! The important thing to note is that by the time it comes you will be as prepared as possible for it and hopefully very excited!

Part of the booking process includes a ‘Photo Shoot Guide’ being sent out to you as well as a ‘Pre Shoot Phone Consultation’ which will hopefully have you laying out your outfits, choosing your favourite matching browband and polishing your pony until you can see your own reflection!

On the day itself I will arrive at your chosen location (which might be your home, yard or somewhere special to you) and spend the first half an hour getting to know you and your horse, taking a look around to find the very best spots for your photos and if necessary looking through some of your potential outfits and helping you decide what will work best in each location.

I’m always happy to hear about any ideas you have for your Photo Shoot, whether you have seen something you would like to try or have a favourite outfit you would like to wear in a particular spot, that is all very welcome information to me. If, however you don’t, then please don’t panic! I come armed with ideas, will guide you throughout the session to get the very best out of the location, light and opportunity to create beautiful images of you and your horse.

As with any photo shoot involving animals, their behaviour is the biggest factor throughout the session. Yours and their wellbeing is the most important element to consider under any circumstances and the biggest dictator of what I will or won’t suggest we try during a session. There are always ways to calm down or manage an excitable horse on a session and there will still be plenty of great opportunities throughout the shoot to capture some beautiful images. However I am never going to suggest or encourage someone to jump on bareback with a flouncy dress if it looks like your horse could end up in the next county at the mere rustle of a leaf! In fact I never recommend getting on your horse bareback for the first time on a photo shoot. Riding bareback always had to be undertaken at your own discrescion but I strongly recommend not doing it if your horse is in any way unsettled on the shoot or if you’ve never sat on them bareback before!

The shoot is always broken up into sections, whether it’s an outfit change that allows a break, a move to a different location or if your horse simply needs a 5 minute munch on a haynet. Whatever the reason, there will always be a break or two before we set off again.

When I scout around on arrival I will have made a bit of a plan as to what outfits we will use where and therefore how we will break the shoot up. Ultimately whatever keeps your horse ‘on side’ and co-operative for the longest is what we will do! A happy horse always makes for better photos!

I hope that has answered most of your questions relating to ‘what happens on the day of my photo shoot.’ If you have any other questions please just comment below or get in touch and I hope you enjoy the shoot below as an example of what happens on a typical ‘Horse & Rider’ Photo Shoot.

As always please see the links below for more information or get in touch to book your very own Photo Shoot!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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