A GUIDE TO YOUR PHOTO SHOOT. #4: What happens after my photo shoot?

Jan 15, 2020 | Preparing for a Photo Shoot

What happens after my photo shoot?
What happens after my Photo Shoot is the next in my ‘Photo Shoot Guide’ blog series. Hopefully by now you will have had the best possible Photo Shoot experience! With your permission I am always happy to share a few previews from your session on my social media, which you can tag, share and enjoy. This will also hopefully give you a taste of what’s to come at your ‘Viewing and Ordering’ session!

At the end of your Photo Shoot or in the following few days we will organise a date for your viewing and ordering session. This can either happen in the comfort of your own home or if you’re keen to see your photos ASAP we can arrange to meet in Chester.

I always encourage you to have a good study of the Product Price Guide before this appointment so you can get an idea of what you would like from your session and decide what sort of budget you have. This varies hugely for all of my clients and although I will help to advise and guide you through the process, the most important thing is that you get what you want and spend what you want to spend.

At your viewing and ordering session we will go through all the edited and processed images from your session. I will show you the different prints, products and collections that I offer and you can decide what will suit you best. Unless you have a clear idea from the outset as to what you want from your session it is usually easiest to decide once you have seen the full set of images and results from the photo shoot.

It can seem overwhelming at first if there are 70-80 images which you will hopefully love from your shoot and lots of options as to what to do with them. This is why I allow 2 hours for this appointment and do it in person. I guide you through a process which helps you choose your favourites from the session and ensures you get exactly what you want from the experience.

For many of my clients this is a once in a lifetime experience and in the snap happy, digital age we live in I am so passionate about getting your images off the screen and onto a high quality, fine art print, piece of wall art or keepsake album which will stand the test of time and only ever increase in value with the passing of time and animals. (Don’t worry I also include digital copies of all images with orders as I do also love the ‘gram!) However an archival quality, fine art canvas print of your favourite image of you and your horse is going to be around for much longer than the latest social media platform and is going to stand the test of time with a guarantee of 100+ years (not that I’ve personally been able to put that to the test yet…..!)

After your viewing and ordering session I will do the final edit to your chosen images, prep them for printing, send you proofs where necessary and send everything off to my carefully selected range of suppliers. Everything comes back to me for a quality control check, (I often just want to keep various bits for my own walls!) but invariably everything gets carefully (& beautifully) packaged up for you and either dropped off or couriered to you for you to enjoy for a lifetime!

I hope that has answered most of your questions relating to ‘what happens after my photo shoot.’ If you have any other questions please just comment below or get in touch and do stay tuned for the next instalment which is all about ‘what does it all cost!’

As always please see the links below for more information or get in touch to book your very own Photo Shoot!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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A slideshow is always shown at your Viewing Session of all your images from the Photo Shoot. Please see Ellie & Woddy’s from last Summer below as an example:

A few of the products I offer:




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