A Snowy Horse & Rider Photo Shoot with Laura Cocking

Apr 24, 2018 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

Back at the beginning of March when the weather got quite confused and decided we needed MORE snow I grabbed the opportunity to head out to North Wales and make the most of it with a snowy Horse & Rider Photo Shoot with my sponsored rider Laura Cocking.

Poor Laura is somewhat out of action at the moment with a collarbone break from the beginning of the Winter and we all know how frustrating it is to be out of action especially when you have a great string of horses and high hopes for the Eventing season ahead. Luckily Laura had recovered enough to hang onto some horses for the Photo Shoot and was even keen to climb onboard one (not one of the eventers may I add!)

The journey to Laura’s house in North Wales was definitely the most challenging aspect of this particular snow shoot! It involved driving as far as my car could manage in the snow and parking up on the side of a small road to be met by Laura on a quad bike! The snow drifts on the side of the road were a good couple of feet tall and by the time we turned down onto her road the only vehicles that could get up and down it were the quads and the odd tractor! Hanging onto someone with a broken collarbone on bumpy snowy roads with a full bag of camera gear on your back certainly made for a memorable journey!

Thankfully the shoot itself was far less eventful…. The horses behaved themselves impeccably and I think all rather enjoyed the experience! The views out over the snowy Welsh countryside were stunning and it did thankfully stop snowing for the afternoon!

Hopefully that’s it for the snow this Spring (after the last few months I feel we can’t be too sure!) but I hope you enjoy these images and although I do love the look of a Snowy Horse & Rider Photo Shoot I have definitely been enjoying the somewhat sunnier weather of late and am looking forward to a really busy few months of shooting ahead!

If you are interested in a Photo Shoot of your own for this Spring or Summer please do take a look through the rest of my website and get in touch with any questions or to book a date.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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