Abbey & April's Horse & Rider Photo Shoot // March 2018 |

Abbey & April’s Horse & Rider Photo Shoot // March 2018

Jul 9, 2018 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

Abbey contacted me back in November 2017 to see if I would donate a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot Gift Voucher to the Antrobus Riding Club presentation evening for a raffle in aid of the St. John’s ambulance. I am always happy to support such worthy causes and so of course I said yes. Abbey then contacted me a few weeks later to let me know her Nan had managed to win the prize and she was so excited about having a shoot with me!

We ambitiously arranged the photo shoot for the first weekend in January but the weather got the better of us and so the photo shoot was rearranged for March where we managed to get a lovely day for it.

April, Abbey’s beautiful mare was such a dream to work with and I got some great cuddles which is always a good way to start a shoot… April was quite remarkable in that she seemed to understand every word I said and would then proceed to prick her ears, move a step or two in one direction or another or look in the direction I wanted her to look in…. This is really not normal Horse behaviour by any stretch but definitely not something I am going to complain about….!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent photographing Abbey and April and I hope you enjoy the results which you can see below.

If you are interested in booking a Photo Shoot for you and your own horse (and they don’t need to be as pro a model as April was to get some gorgeous shots I can assure you, she just made my job easy for me!!) then please get in touch via any of the means below.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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