A Guide to your Photo Shoot #1: A Guide to the Seasons

May 1, 2019 | Preparing for a Photo Shoot

Welcome to ‘An Equine Photographers Guide to the Seasons,’ the first in a 5 part ‘Guide to your Equine Photo Shoot’ series I am going to be running this month! This one is all about the different seasons and best months of the year to book your Horse & Rider or Family & Animals Photo Shoot.

First of all it’s really important to say there is no ‘best month’ of the year to have a Photo Shoot…. Sorry! There are a few important factors to consider but ultimately it’s down to you, your vision for your Photo Shoot and your individual circumstances.

The first thing when considering booking a Photo Shoot is to have a think about your horse and what time of the year they look their best. For example, if they suffer from sweet itch then a session during the Winter or the first few months of Spring is definitely the best option. If they’re of the older generation and you know they take a long time to lose their Winter coat then a Summer date might be the best thing for you.

The second thing to think about is where you would like to have the session. At what point in the year does it look it’s best? Is it full of Spring blossom in April or do the Autumnul colours make it a really special place?

And then, of course, there is the weather to consider! On this front again there is no ‘perfect month.’ A low morning sun with a winter frost in January can make for images just as beautiful as a mid May evening Photo Shoot and sadly a date in July can’t be a guaranteed day of great weather! I am however very flexible when it comes to the weather. There are many weather types which we can work with very easily on the day of your Photo Shoot but ultimately if it’s a miserable day then it’s always better to reschedule. I’m pretty sure neither you nor your horse want to stand around looking bedraggled for a couple of hours and neither do I!

I hope the ‘An Equine Photographers Guide to the Seasons,’ below help somewhat in deciding which month might be the best for your Photo Shoot, if in doubt please feel free to get in touch for an informal, no obligation chat.

And you know what, sometimes the locations I work at are a bit limited and the weather isn’t always perfect. However, the most important thing on any shoot is you and your horse turning up, being open to ideas and having a great time. Capturing the bond between you doesn’t actually need epic locations or dreamy lighting it just needs the two and a little bit of love!

If you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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