Barry the Halloween Cat

Barry the Halloween Cat // Cat Photo Shoot….

Oct 31, 2017 | 'At Liberty' Photo Shoots

I’ve been very much getting into the Halloween spirit this year and am all ready for the trick or treaters…. I thought it only fair to involve Barry my faithful office cat in the festivities…. As you can see he was thrilled with the idea!!

I would like to add no cats or vegetables were harmed in the making of these photos…. and yes Barry was actually wearing wings, they weren’t photoshopped on afterwards….yes we did get through an entire packet of his favourite treats to get these photos…..yes the squash featured are going to be turned into tea later and yes my cat is a saint!!!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!!

Ciara x


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  1. Pippa

    This is just brilliant. Saint Barry the Cat. He should have a day named after him !!!

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