Best of 2019: Helen & Beckah’s // Horse & Rider Photo Shoots

Mar 30, 2020 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

So this is a bit of a 2-in-1 blog but I didn’t feel want to include one without the other! These are two very different shoots, at different times of the year, totally different days weather-wise and even in different counties! However one wouldn’t have happened without the other and I thought I would celebrate friendship here as well as 2 fabulous shoots from 2019!

I realise I’ve totally fallen off the blogging wagon with 3 left of my ‘Top 10 shoots from 2019″ but here we are. March has proved to be a funny old month but I’ve got the last 2 after this ready to go so I do hope you enjoy them and they allow for a few moments distraction from an otherwise crazy time!

I had the pleasure of working with Helen & her gorgeous boy Jack in June of last year and we did most of their shoot on the Whitegate way in Cheshire. It was an absolutely beautiful, baking hot day and Jack was a total superstar! He reminded me so much of my old eventing superstar pony that I couldn’t help but fall in love with his cheeky ways and adorable face!

4 months later I found myself working with one of Helen’s best friends Bekah as she had kindly bought Bekah a voucher for her birthday. I headed up to Lancashire to meet Bekah & Angus and we had a wonderful if slightly unusual morning shooting in the Autumn mist!

The forecast has promised it would be dry but didn’t fully warn us about the volume of mist to anticipate! Now I love it when you get something a little different thrown at you with the weather and Bekah had been really keen for an Autumnal shoot so we decided to go for it.

Her yard was stunning and after a cup of tea and a little patience, the mist eased off enough so that we could see each other (always a help when you can see your subject on a Photo Shoot!) From there it only got better and better as the Autumnal colours shined through and the mist created a magical hue.

I really hope you enjoy the results from these two shoots below. It just shows that no matter what the time of the year, or what the weather throws at you, beautiful images of you and your horse are always possible.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to these two wonderful women who both work in the NHS and I’m sure are facing unimaginably hard times right now. Thank you both for the incredible work I’m sure you are both doing in these unprecedented times. ❤️

Ciara x

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