Best of 2019: Leesa & Gemma’s // Horse & Rider Photo Shoots

In Horse and Rider Photo Shoots by Ciara Doone Rush

The penultimate ‘Best of 2019’ blog is here… And this is definitely a favourite from last year. Back at the end of September I had the pleasure of working with Leesa & Gemma with their stunning matching black beauties, Dino the spotty superstar and Gemma’s partner and daughter too! It was a real mix of Horse & Rider, Horse ‘At Liberty’ and some ‘Family & Animal’ style shots on these two shoots. A busy morning by all accounts!

I had a great morning working with Leesa & Gemma. All 3 of the dressage divas behaved themselves exceptionally well and I think quite enjoyed their time in front of the camera! Isla too was an absolute joy to work with and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed a bit of showing off to the camera as well!

Both featured portraits of Gemma’s handsome boys Tom & Dino have gone on to win me some awards this year with both the Guild of Photographers and the Societies of Photographers which is a total bonus on top of a fabulous couple of shoots.

I really hope you enjoy the images below from Leesa & Gemma’s Horse & Rider Photo Shoots and as always please see the following links for more information or get in touch to book your very own Photo Shoot!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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