Immy’s Prom Dress Horse & Rider Photo Shoot

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2020. What a year! As the evenings draw in and the year begins to wind down I thought I would celebrate the good bits and showcase some of my very favourite shoots from this year!

Although it’s been a bit of a stop, start year. Getting to head out on Photo Shoots, providing some ‘out of the ordinary’ experiences and capturing gorgeous images for my clients have most definitely been some of the most rewarding times this year.

A Prom Dress Horse & Rider Photo Shoot

I absolutely loved working with Immy on her Prom Dress Horse & Rider Photo Shoot during the Summer. We were beginning to think the weather gods had turned against us as we had had to rearrange on a number of occasions but it was so worth every single rearrange to get the evening we did!

A girl in her Prom Dress on her horse

Rupert and Diva had had about 5 baths by the time we finally got to do the session and were positively gleaming! Immy looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous Prom Dress and the evening light provided the perfect atmosphere for a set of truly beautiful memories.

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In the meantime, I really hope you enjoy some of my favourite images from Immy’s Prom Dress Horse & Rider Photo Shoot below.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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