Bonnie & Tom’s Engagement Shoot

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Bonnie and Toms Wedding is certainly one I am looking forward to this year and if their engagement session was anything to go by I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an action packed day full of laughter and the odd animal! The evening of their engagement shoot was absolutely gorgeous (if a tad chilly!) and the locations on their farm simply perfect for a relaxed, fun and gorgeous shoot!

The dogs were the first to show their enthusiasm for being in front of the camera but (obviously!) the horses weren’t far behind & were certainly feeling the love & were keen to get in on all of the romantic action!!

As for Bonnie & Tom, well what can I say? Such a fabulous couple and I’m thoroughly looking forward to being a part of their big day in September! And for now I think I’ll let the photos do the rest….Bonnie&Tom-3

Bonnie&Tom-1 Bonnie&Tom-7 Bonnie&Tom-9 Bonnie&Tom-12 Bonnie&Tom-13  Bonnie&Tom-16Bonnie&Tom-19 Bonnie&Tom-22Bonnie&Tom-21 Bonnie&Tom-25 Bonnie&Tom-26Bonnie&Tom-28 Bonnie&Tom-34 Bonnie&Tom-36 Bonnie&Tom-40Bonnie&Tom-38 Bonnie&Tom-41 Bonnie&Tom-43 Bonnie&Tom-46 Bonnie&Tom-48 Bonnie&Tom-50Bonnie&Tom-47Bonnie&Tom-52 Bonnie&Tom-51 Bonnie&Tom-53 Bonnie&Tom-56 Bonnie&Tom-59 Bonnie&Tom-61Bonnie&Tom-67 Bonnie&Tom-68

I think Tom might have been getting a little confused at this point in the shoot……Bonnie&Tom-72 Bonnie&Tom-75
Bonnie&Tom-80Bonnie&Tom-78 Bonnie&Tom-82 Bonnie&Tom-83 Bonnie&Tom-84

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