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Caroline & Craig’s Wedding // August 2016

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As you can see from the title I’m a little behind in the blogging of my 2016 Weddings…. In fact I rather fell off the blogging wagon altogether in 2016! But there’s no time like the present and with the 2017 season just kicking off for me I thought I would share a few of my favourites from last year starting with Caroline and Craig’s Wedding!

I think the only Wedding I actually managed to blog last year was the wondering Welsh Wedding of Claire and Ian’s complete with snazzy tractor!

Caroline & Craig’s Wedding was another outdoor oriented Wedding and they had a brilliant set up where most of their guests glamped for the weekend in the fields surrounding the reception marquee. Luckily for the most part the weather behaved itself!

My experience of shooting this Wedding got off to a rather peculiar start I have to admit…. As the Wedding was down in the Cotswolds I decided to travel down the night before so as not to take any chances with the motorways in the morning. Caroline very kindly offered up one of the glamping pods in the fields so I would be right on site in the morning for the celebrations.

In a very laid back sort of way she told me to just help myself to any of them….fine I thought as I set off, that should be straight forward…. What I hadn’t factored in was the fact that it would be dark when I arrived at the campsite/field in the middle of the Cotswolds and there was no way of knowing which of the glamping pods were occupied and which were free and everyone had gone to bed….. Interesting I thought to myself as I pottered around the field with my iPhone as a torch and trying very hard not to trip over any guide ropes and break an ankle…. Eventually I just had to take a chance and after attempting a knock on some canvas unzipped a pod and to my great relief it was empty!

Finally, very warm and cosy in my sleeping bag in my camping pod (complete with fairy lights!) I was just drifting off to sleep when the thought crossed my mind that people may be planning on turning up even later than me and this could be their pod…. Also I wondered how many glamping Weddings there could be going on in the Cotswolds on an August bank holiday weekend and was this the right one as it had also been too dark to see the signs in the dark…. I sincerely hoped my sat nav and the bunting had led me to the right one…. Luckily those thoughts didn’t disturb my sleep for too long and before I knew it the birds were singing and I had managed a great nights sleep uninterrupted by any glamping guests and I was in the right place!

My absolute favourite thing about Caroline and Craig’s Wedding was the amount of laughter that was had throughout the day! Caroline was one of the most relaxed brides I’ve ever worked with, she genuinely didn’t mind when she fell down the steps coming out of the church or when there was a flash flood as they were getting into their horse drawn carriage after the ceremony. She certainly didn’t mind when she realised she’d broken her shoe and I’m pretty that aside from a few delicate heads the following morning the only other things hurting were people’s sides from laughing so much throughout the day!

I’ll leave you with (quite) a few of my favourites from their beautiful day last Summer and I do hope they bring a smile to your face!

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Ciara x

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