Caroline & Troy’s Portrait Shoot

May 17, 2016 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

Caroline & Troy's Portrait Shoot in the CotswoldsWay back when (in March!) I had the pleasure of photographing Caroline and her very handsome steed Troy in the stunning Cotswolds countryside. It was a bit of a juggling act arranging the portrait shoot as we were completely at the mercy of storm Katie who was doing her best to wreck havoc! We had to abandon the first attempt as I was on my way past the Cotswolds heading south for Easter Sunday but managed to get lucky on my drive back up north. As the final gusts of wind were blown and the last of the rain clouds cleared I arrived into a pretty glorious evening in the Cotswolds.

Caroline & Troy's Portrait Shoot in the Cotswolds

After my usual scouting around we found some pretty idyllic spots and even discovered a lovely little pond which I had high hopes for and as it turns out didn’t let me down! Troy had only just moved onto the yard so things were a little excitable it has to be said but his handsomeness totally won me over! He is an absolutely gorgeous Irish Sport Horse with tons of personality and a kind (just slightly excitable soul!) He is also a major slobberer….as I was about to find out!

Caroline & Troy's Portrait Shoot in the Cotswolds

Life as a photographer it has to be said is a constant learning curve. I learnt a very important lesson during this shoot…… ALWAYS BE ARMED WITH BABY WIPES! I made the fatal mistake of leaving my trusty pack of baby wipes in my car back at the yard which really wasn’t much good once we’d walked 10 minutes down to the road to some woods and Troy had managed to slobber all over poor Caroline and her light pink shirt! Caroline certainly wins the prize for ending up as the most filthy person I have had on a shoot to date! Troy somehow managed not only to slobber all over her light pink shirt, her jeans, her hands but also her face! Not ideal. Luckily there’s always my well honed photoshop skills but there’s a lot to be said for wiping that slobber off in the first place! Lesson well and truly learnt!

Caroline & Troy's Portrait Shoot in the Cotswolds Caroline & Troy's Portrait Shoot in the Cotswolds

Despite all of that it was a really fun shoot and there were a lot of giggles (rather than tears!) to be had! I very much look forward to working with Caroline again in the future on a B*Spoke Competition Shoot. I will just be very very prepared with baby wipes this time….!

Caroline & Troy's Portrait Shoot in the Cotswolds

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