Declan & Francine // A Parisian Wedding

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Once again I am having to delve in my memory all the way back to March of this year when I had the utter privilege of photographing the wedding of two people very close to my heart in none other than the quintessential romantic city…Paris!

In fact it was a little more than just a Parisian Wedding… Both Declan and Francine had their birthdays the day of the Wedding and the following day so the weekend included a Wedding, a joint Birthday party the following day (obviously the bride was allowed to crash the grooms birthday celebrations!), St Patricks day and the last game in the 6 nations and given that half the Wedding party were Irish it was an essential part of the weekend! Ooh la la!

Whilst I was officially on photographic duty on the day of the Wedding I managed to combine the art of appreciating some very fine french champagne and taking photographs at the same time (well it would have been rude not to!)

It was a very relaxed day with the ceremony in the Mairie (town hall) of the 11th arrondissement (not too far from the centre of Paris.) With a very near miss and a lot of last minute jogging around Paris by a key witness (my brother) who had managed to pick up the wrong passport (my sisters) which he needed to do his witnessing….we got under way!  Unusually (by British and Irish standards anyway) the ceremony was led by the Minister for Transport (apparently quite normal for French Weddings!) and was a fantastic mix of very humanist and humorous celebrations in an impressive combination of both French and English!

The ceremony concluded with some breathtaking singing from Francine and was followed by some excellent champagne and some great speeches in Fran-glish before I got to have my 10 minutes with the newlyweds in the square outside the Mairie for some photographs. We managed to work around a tv crew, a mini-festival, lots of curious onlookers and one very keen stranger who was desperate to get involved in the photo session!

We finally trundled over the road to the reception venue ‘Les Domaines Qui Montent,’ a fabulous Wine Shop which happens to have some very talented chefs and a pretty tiny restaurant as part of the shop. (Trust an Irish man to find an off-licence to have his Wedding at…..!) Somehow in a pretty tiny space there was dancing, sing offs between the French and Irish contingents, a great deal of eating and a considerable amount of merriment!

It was certainly a very different Wedding to photograph and be a part of and I enjoyed every minute of it!

I would like to once again wish my Dad and Francine all the love and happiness as they continue their journey together and embark on married life together. (3 months in and all going well I’m told!!)

It was an unforgettable weekend of celebrations and an absolute privilege being able to photograph it and have these memories to keep forever!

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Until next time,

Ciara x

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