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Jan 24, 2020 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

Wow, I LOVED working with Ellie & Woody on this Horse & Rider Photo Shoot at Marbury Park last July!

Stunning subject ✔️
A️dorable horse ✔️
Epic location ✔️
Awesome outfit changes ✔️
Magical fairytale dress ✔️
VERY considerate weather ✔️
The best evening light ✔️
Wonderful support crew (who happened to all end up in the family portrait!) 😆

This shoot simply had it all!

What can I say about Woody other than he really is as cute as he looks! Other than one wobbly moment when he thought long and hard about getting into his horse box to go to Marbury park he didn’t put a hoof out of place!

And I’m so glad Woody obliged and we got to Marbury as it really is one of my favourite locations in North Cheshire for Horse & Rider Photo Shoots!

Ellie knew exactly what she wanted with her photo shoot and so we started off at her stables to get the black background shots of Woody before heading off to Marbury where we started with some family portraits. After this and a lovely moment with some magical light and a tree trunk (see below!) we moved onto the dresses!

Ellie had the most beautiful prom dress and had bought the perfect fairytale-like white dress for the last outfit change of the evening! We actually got so carried away that we (well I) very nearly got locked in the car park…. Luckily Ellie’s Dad was on hand to move the horse box just in case…! When a shoot is this great though it would totally have been worth it!

I absolutely love the images below and it was such a pleasure working with Ellie & Woody on their Horse & Rider Photo Shoot at Marbury Park! 😍

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Until next time,

Ciara x

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