February’s Horse & Dog Mini Shoot Day at Delamere Forest

Feb 28, 2024 | Dog Photo Shoots, Horse and Rider Photo Shoots, Latest

February’s Mini Shoot day at Delamere Forest certainly got things off to a great start and I’m really excited about the other Mini Shoot dates in the diary for this year!

Delamere, as always did not disappoint as a location! Whether it’s the middle of winter, the height of Summer or anytime in between there are always some cracking spots to be found. At this time of the year which I always feel is the very cusp of Spring, the bare branches of the forest allow us to access some areas that are impenetrable in the Summer months with all the dense vegetation. This is especially helpful on Dog shoots and so we took advantage of this on the first session of the day with Megan, Maisie & Griff. 🐶

Megan, Maisie & Griff

I had photographed Maisie a number of years ago in Sefton Park in Liverpool but this was my first encounter with Griff. Being Welsh & Irish terriers we did have to keep our wits about us and keep an eye out for squirrels so we did a mix of on and off lead as I’d rather spend a few minutes in Photo Shop removing a lead than a few hours chasing a dog who is chasing a squirrel around the forest!! 🐿️

I love these images in particular from Megan’s session. Maisie & Griff looked like they had been practicing their best poses in the run up to the session and they were a dream to photograph. 💕

Hattie & Elvis

Next up were Hattie & Elvis and what a gorgeous pair these two are! 😍 Of course we got Hattie’s Mum & Dad, Gemma & Mike in on a few photos too but the main focus was on double trouble, Hattie & Elvis! 🥰

A Mini Shoot is pretty perfect if your main subject is only just 3 years old! It didn’t take long for Hattie to warm up and get comfortable with me and my camera and before we knew it she was grinning cheekily and tearing up and down the forest track with Elvis in tow! (What a saint of a pony!) There was a golden period in the middle of the shoot where it all came together, genuine smiles, cuddles with Elvis and a couple of family shots with the dogs too (ambitious I know but very much worth it!) and then in the blink of an eye all concentration, focus and posing were abandoned and Hattie took off through the forest decidedly marking the end to the photo shoot with only 5 minutes to spare! (Photo included as evidence!!) Not bad for a 3 year old! 😅

A Mini Shoot is pretty perfect for little ones when concentration can sometimes be a challenge over a longer session! The pressure was off, the forest Hattie’s playground and I think Elvis quite enjoyed his little day out too! (Despite being repeatedly mistaken for a large dog and once referred to as ‘a very nice donkey!’) 🫏 😵‍💫 😂

Poppy, Lil, Sam, Red & Bubbles

Last but certainly not least I had the pleasure of working with Poppy and her menagerie of animals!!

This was a 2 in 1 Mini Shoot on Sunday. With 2 horses, 2 dogs and a couple of outfits this was a little bit too much to fit into 1 Mini Shoot session so we simply did 2 back to back! First out were the dogs Sam & Lily who were pretty excited to be out and about in Delamere Forest. I feared for one little moment that Poppy might actually end up in the Mere on account of a very excitable dog but luckily everyone stayed warm(ish!) and dry! 🐶 💦

We were then onto the big hairy boys, Red & Bubbles the Gypsy cobs! And what fun we had! Poppy was an absolute delight to photograph. With an infectious giggle and a non-stop smile on her face, she was keen for a bit of action and so we mixed up the in-hand images with some action in her spectacular Concours d’Elegance outfit! She certainly turned some heads in the forest and Red looked like he was having a blast cantering up and down, mane and feathers flying! What a shoot! 🐎

2024 Mini Shoot Dates

If you are interested in booking your very own Mini Shoot this year please take a look at my upcoming dates below: 

March 24th // Chester // Dogs & their Humans! 

April 21st // Marbury Park, Cheshire // Horses, Dogs & Humans! 

May 30th // Formby Beach & Pine Woods // Horses, Dogs & Humans!

June 23rd // Black Background Shoot // Venue TBC // Horses only!

August 3rd or 5th // Cork, Ireland // Horses, Dogs & Humans!

Mini Shoots are the perfect option if you’re looking for a taste of what a Photo Shoot is all about, have a new addition to your menagerie & would like some special moments captured, have young kids or are looking for something a little different to look forward to this Spring or Summer! There is a specially curated Mini Price list to accompany them with prints and products carefully selected to offer excellent quality with simplified options and great value. It’s the perfect way to get unforgettable memories captured and preserved for those on a slightly tighter budget. 

If none of the dates above suit you, don’t forget you can organise your own Mini Shoot Day by getting a few friends together and deciding on a date and location that suit you. I have currently have space in the diary for 3 of these days over the Spring & Summer.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or to book a spot. I can’t wait to work with you soon!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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