Grace & Daisy’s Child & Pony Photo Shoot // June 2018

Nov 12, 2018 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

One gorgeous Sunday back in June I headed over to the Congleton area to meet Victoria, her daughter Grace and their beloved pony Daisy for a Child & Pony Photo Shoot. Victoria had booked me way back at the Liverpool International Horse Show last New Years and I was really looking forward to working with Grace & Daisy.

It was just before the Summer got a bit OTT on the heat front and we couldn’t have asked for a better evening for the session. We had the full use of the Cross Country schooling fields at Smallwood Livery Yard which proved to be a wonderful location and Grace thoroughly enjoyed cooling off at the end of the shoot in the water complex!

Grace was such a sweet girl to work with and I knew from the very start that her shyness was going to be the biggest challenge on the shoot. Luckily though as soon as she had Dasiy to think about and cuddle and kiss she completely came into her own. Victoria was also extremely helpful and I believe there was lots of dancing and pulling of funny faces behind me which always helps on a photo shoot with kids! The whole shoot was a very relaxed affair. We spent the few hours of the shoot finding the very best spots, having lots of quick outfit changes with one superstar pony in tow!

Daisy the pony literally didn’t put a hoof out of place throughout the entire session! She just stood there doing her best unicorn impressions, looking extremely pretty and clearly not that bothered that we were in a 30(ish) acre field of lush grass! There was even a point where Victoria whipped her headcollar off leaving her completely free and allowed for a series of gorgeous shots with Grace lying in the grass in front of her. There really aren’t many ponies that I work with who I would be confident having loose in such a large field! It could have taken days to catch her if she’d fancied it!! Luckily Daisy was as keen on cuddles as Grace was and so all ended well!

I absolutely love some of the shots right at the end of this shoot. Grace was at her most confident, Daisy was in full unicorn mode and then to top it all off they went and had a sunset splash in the water complex together! It was a very magical moment indeed!

I hope you enjoy the images below from their Child & Pony Photo Shoot and if you’re interested in finding out more about the shoots I offer please get in touch via any of the means below.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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