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How to prepare for a Photo Shoot; What type of shoot is best for me?

Jan 28, 2017 | Preparing for a Photo Shoot

It’s finally the end of January and before we know it the year will be whizzing past us! Over the next few weeks I am running a blog series all about how to prepare for a photo shoot. I thought it would be a good time of the year to run this series as the evenings begin to lengthen, my diary for the year ahead is filling up and I optimistically manage to convince myself that Spring is drawing just that little bit closer!

It is so important to go into your photo shoot feeling prepared and with both yourself and your horse looking and feeling your very best. I know this can be a daunting process for many people when booking in a photo shoot but being prepared really can make the difference between having a good shoot and having a great shoot. If you have any questions at any point please comment at the end of the post or drop me an email and I can address any questions in my next blog.

The topics I’m going to cover are: 

Blog 1: What type of shoot is best for me and how do I book it?

Blog 2: What to wear (Humans!)

Blog 3: What to wear (Horses!)

Blog 4: Location, location, location…where to go for your photo shoot.

Blog 5: How to handle a tricky horse!

Blog 6: What to do with your images.

So to kick off I will go through the 5 different types of photo shoot I offer and the differences between them. The first step in how to prepare for a photo shoot is to have a think about what it is you would like to get out of your shoot before booking it.

The most popular option is a ‘Horse & Rider Photo Shoot.’ This is a 2 1/2 hour session at a location of your choice with up to 3 outfit changes. This is the best option if you are looking for a special shoot of you and your horse or horses which can capture that all important bond between you both. There is no limit on the number of animals you involve in this shoot and if you would like to involve one other person such as a partner or family member in some of the photos that is absolutely fine.

That brings me nicely onto a ‘Family & Animals Photo Shoot,’ another popular option. I allow 3 hours for these shoots as there are more people to work with and often children who will usually need breaks and snacks and/or need some time to run around and blow off some steam! I typically work with the whole family together as well as everyone individually on these shoots and any of your animals can be included throughout the whole shoot or for part of it.

If you personally don’t wish to be on any of the photos then an ‘At Liberty’ photo shoot of your horse or dog is the way to go. These shoots take approximately 2 hours and focus entirely on your beautiful animal. I usually work with horses both out in a field environment and in the doorway of a stable or barn to get a mixture of movement as well a stunning distraction free portrait of your horse.

Always sad but a beautiful way to remember your equine friend I also offer ‘Remember Me Photo Shoots.’ These vary in length depending on how well your horse is and how mobile they are. These are designed to celebrate the life of your horse and the life you have both shared before they have to be put to sleep.

Finally, I offer luxurious ‘Minus the Mud Photo Photo Shoots,’ if you are looking for the ultimate pampering photo shoot with your horse! This session includes a hair and make-up artist coming to your yard or house to do full hair and make-up before your shoot. They will also stay around during your shoot to do any touch ups necessary and to help style your shoot. From this spring onwards I will also be working alongside a florist and can arrange for beautifully fresh and tailored flowers to compliment your chosen outfits and horse for the ultimate gorgeous feel to your photo shoot!

How to book your photo shoot?

RING ME! Yes we can organise your photo shoot over email if that’s more convenient for you but I highly recommend we have a chat on the phone before you make a booking. The more information we share in terms of you letting me know what you want and me advising you as to how it’s best to achieve that the more successful your shoot will be! I love getting to know all of my clients and being able to produce images that you have only ever dreamt about! The best shoots are those where there is a shared and clear vision of what you would like!

My advice to you when you are looking to book a photo shoot is to have a think about what it is that you would like to achieve with your photo shoot. Have a think about what time of the year you’d like your shoot. Do you love the springtime with blossom trees or the richness in colour of full summer or the colourful crispness of Autumn when the leaves are falling? Is it to celebrate your horse, to get some gorgeous photos of you and your horse or do you want to create some memories of you, your family and your animals to preserve those special times before your kids grow up too fast?

Once you have decided or if you wish to discuss the options with me please just give me a call. We can get a date in the diary which suits us both, I will then send you a booking form via email which can be filled in and signed electronically along with payment links for your session fee and hey presto you’ll be all booked in and getting excited before you know it!

Don’t forget to check back next week for Blog #2:What to wear (Humans!) You can hit the ‘Follow’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the page to make sure you don’t miss it! In the meantime if you would like to book your very own shoot check out the links below or give me that call on 07857823296.

Until next week,

Ciara x



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UPDATE: You can also check out a ‘Featured Shoot’ of each of the shoots mentioned above HERE


a girl and her horse walking into the distance
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behind the scenes of a horse and rider photo shoot
make over in a barn
hair and make up in a stable block
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a horse and rider photo shoot in delamere forest
a horse and rider photo shoot at leasowe castle
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a family photo shoot
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a spanish stallion at liberty
a girl and her horse
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a woman and her horse sat in a field of flowers


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