How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot; What to do with your images.

Mar 4, 2017 | Preparing for a Photo Shoot

So it’s week 6 and the final instalment of the ‘How to Prepare for your Photo Shoot,’ blog series!

Today I will be discussing what to do with your images after your shoot as well as the importance of having a photo shoot in the first place!

For me personally I am a huge advocate of getting your photos printed in some format. Whilst digital has many advantages, the main disadvantage in my eyes is that we simply don’t print our photos often enough these days.

Who else remembers the excitement of dropping a roll of film off at a chemist? The excitement was palpable when you got those photographs back and personally the joy I get looking back on those albums and photos from my childhood is incredible. Far greater than looking back on a computer through the years of photos that I took at the beginning of my photography going digital and then never ‘getting around’ to printing anything.

As a professional photographer now I get the same feelings of joy when I receive a collection of prints or a canvas back from the labs I use. (I’ll admit sometimes I just want to keep the products for my own walls….!) I also get a huge amount of joy from handing over the final products from a shoot to my clients and knowing that whether it’s an album, a collection of prints or a canvas for their wall that not only will they have those images to treasure for the rest of their lives they will be able to pass these down to the next generation. AND most of the products I offer have a guaranteed chroma life of 100+ years they’re going to look just as good to the next generation as they do right now!

what to do with your images, try a framed photo

Everyones lifestyle is so different there isn’t one definitive answer to ‘What to do with your images’ but I what I do know is that I offer many different options to cater for different tastes and desires and they are all beautiful! I have worked hard since starting my business to find the very best suppliers who produce both quality and beautiful products and I am always so proud to present these to my clients.

For some people having a few large pieces of wall art such as framed prints, canvases or the modern acrylics and aluminium panels are the way forward. For others it’s all about the albums, 50 uniquely designed pages full of the love you have for your horse or your family are guaranteed to bring smiles to faces for many years to come.

I also love collections of images whether it’s a part of a wall covered in small frames with lots of different images from your shoot or a collection of mounted prints strung together in an alcove they will bring a smile to your face every time you wander past them.

For those of you who do love the options digital images give you I do offer high resolution digital images on a USB with a gorgeous box of keepsake prints (can you tell yet how passionate I am about the power of print?) and I of course urge you to go forth and print some more!

Of course the ultimate in the what to do with your images question is to treasure them forever and treasure them dearly! Most of us don’t get photographed professionally often enough and yes I am guilty of this myself. However when your life changes and you have to part from the horse of your dreams or your kids do what kids do and go and get all grown up, what do we have that we will be proud to pass onto our kids and our grandkids? Whether it’s one photo or a whole album or photos showing you at your absolute best surrounded by the people who love you and whom you love, this has got to be the ultimate legacy of what you can pass down to the generations to come.

I know there are always reasons to put off booking a professional photo shoot, generally a Portrait shoot isn’t on the every day essentials list but if we’re being honest here, none of us are getting any younger, the seemingly perfect moment to book a photo shoot is never going to come along and hit us in the face at a convenient time and what gets me most is that the people and animals who we would love to be photographed with the most aren’t going to be around forever.

The perfect moment to book a photo shoot is now!

Capture the relationships that are around you right now. Capture the beautiful people and animals who are around you right now and you will have those photos to cherish forever. Plan shoots for every few years so you can watch yourself, the people around you and your animals change in a beautiful way and make sure you have captured the best versions of yourselves for both yourself and your loved ones to laugh and cry over as life takes us on our crazy journeys. You won’t be sorry! I promise!

So now after 6 weeks (of rambling on) I am going to love and leave you. I hope you have gained some helpful knowledge and tips for an upcoming or a yet to be booked photo shoot and don’t forget to add your email address to the fllow this blog by ticking the ‘Notify me of new posts by email’ button at the bottom of this post to make sure you stay tuned for the year aheads adventures!

As always if you have any questions or would like to book a photo shoot of your own please just hit any of the links below and get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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