How to prepare for a shoot; What to wear (Humans!)

Feb 4, 2017 | Preparing for a Photo Shoot

In Blog #2 of my ‘How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot Series,’ I’m addressing what to wear for your Photo Shoot….if you’re a human…. What to wear (Horses!) is coming next week!

I know this is a big concern for many people when booking a photo shoot but with a little thought about the look you would like to achieve throughout your shoot, a bit of preparation and maybe a teeny bit of courage (at times) you’ll be flying it!

For all Horse & Rider photo shoots I recommend you bring 3 outfits with you. Why? Firstly it gives you three different looks to your set of images. Secondly, some outfits work better with certain locations than others. Thirdly, sometimes outfits will look different on camera to how they feel on you and so occasionally an outfit that a client wasn’t sure they wanted to wear ends up being the favourite once they see the photos and vice versa. And finally who doesn’t love an excuse occasionally to do a little bit of dressing up and down?!

Generally I advise against wearing your riding gear on your photo shoot. This is mainly to do with the fact that the majority of photos you’re likely to already have with your horse are going to be in your riding gear. This is an opportunity to do something entirely different and remove youself from your usual comfort zone! This being said if you have an ideal outfit in mind and it is your riding gear or you’d specifically like some shots in your riding gear then I am absolutely happy to do this. Please chat to me about your ideas and we can come up with a tailored plan for your photo shoot.

As standard I recommend 3 different looks for your photo shoot. The first being a casual one, something you feel very comfortable in, maybe not your usual mucking out jeans but perhaps your favourite pair or jeans, shorts or a fun skirt with a t-shirt or jumper and some country boots. The second outfit I tend to recommend is a smart casual look. Maybe the same jeans but this time change your top to something a little more glam, something you would be more likely to wear going out and definitely not for a spot of mucking out!! Thirdly I recommend a favourite outfit, if you ever get to spend any time off the yard maybe there’s a favourite dress lurking in the back of your wardrobe or perhaps you’ve recently been to a ball or prom and would love to get that dress back out for some gorgeous photos with your horse. If you’re not a dress kind of girl don’t panic there will be another favourite in there somewhere!

Then of course there are the more styled shoots! If you have a particular style or have your wedding dress which you’re dying to find another occasion for. Or you are a part time ballerina or have always just loved the vintage look, then I want to hear about it! You can bring props, we can come up with different ideas for certain looks or outfits or you could even make your own outfit?!

I always recommend having a think about this aspect of your shoot before I ring you a week before your shoot for your pre-shoot consultation. This gives us a chance to then discuss your outfit choices and you can ask any questions you may have then. If in doubt though I recommend you bring as many options as you like and I can help you decide before we start the shoot! I do love a bit of styling!!

Don’t forget to have a think about the bits which finish an outfit off as well. ACCESSORISE!! I’m thinking jewellery, hats, scarves, flowers, anything you love to wear, bring it!

I know it can be a daunting thought rocking up to your yard with a car full of dresses and (if you’re feeling brave) high heels but the best piece of advice I can give you is to just GO FOT IT! Make this shoot your own, make it a once in a lifetime experience, have fun, be glamorous if you feel like it, be casual if you prefer but whatever you do give yourself the best chance of looking back on your images in years to come and thinking ‘WOW I looked great that day!’

TOP TIP: If you’re planning on wearing a dress and want some ridden or bareback shots in it (as well as making sure your horse is going to be ok with this) I highly recommend you bring some shorts or leggings for this bit which can be hidden under your dress for comfort whilst sitting on your horse!!!

Don’t forget to check back in next week for my advice on how to prepare your horse for their time in front of the camera! If you have any questions in the meantime or wish to book a shoot please check out some of the below links!

Until next weekend,

Ciara x

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