Katie & Kieran’s Engagement Shoot

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In our pre living together/home owning/feeling very old days my boyfriend and Kieran were housemates in a very quirky (possibly the less said the better!) house just off the delightful Lark Lane in Liverpool. So having known Kieran & Katie for quite a few years it was an honour to be asked last Autumn to photograph their wedding this coming August.Katie&KieranEngagement-4

With a Shropshire theme and a ceremony venue of no less than the Shrewsbury Abbey it was only fitting to have an Engagement shoot with Shrewsbury and Shropshire as the beautiful backdrop. As with everyone who has a little bit of a confidence wobble with the thought of having a camera stuffed in their face and told to smile and say cheese (not quite my style just for the record…..!) the thought of TWO occasions where this would happen rather than just on the Wedding day was met with a somewhat unenthusiastic response over the phone! Not the first time this has happened…. Contrary to (what I interrupt as) initial alarm and dread from most couples at the thought of being photographed twice (unless of course it’s just the thought of having to see me again!) Engagement shoots are the absolute berries (slang for ‘the bees knees’ from the 1920’s which should without doubt be reintroduced!) for overcoming those anxieties and lets face it 4 months before is a much better time to be doing that than on your actual Wedding day! Engagement shoots are included in my Wedding coverage so it’s usually just a little gentle persuading thats needed but try and get out of them and I’ll come up with an awful lot of good reasons to do them!Katie&KieranEngagement-5

So to get back to the point, Katie and Kieran’s shoot turned out to be an amazing (if slightly windy) day in Shropshire! We started off with a cheeky visit to Shooters Hill Hall so I could get a feel of the place as this is where they will be celebrating their newly made vows in the afternoon and what a venue it is! I think I ooo’ed and aahhh’ed at every room (especially the bathrooms) and had to resist some pretty strong massage-shower urges in light of having a shoot to crack on with but it is a truly incredible venue to have a reception at and with the attention to detail and passion Ishbel shows to her clients it’s hardly surprisingly the venue has recently been awarded 1st place in Shropshire for a 5* Star Wedding Customer Services Award.


We started here with the shoot as it’s such a gorgeous spot and to my delight there was a herd of miniature horses who were all too keen to get in on a few photos (and nibble the backs of Kieran’s knees….) before we headed off on a little road trip around the lanes meandering our way back to Shrewsbury in search of cobbled streets, signs of spring and a spot of lunch…Katie&KieranEngagement-15Below are many of the images from the shoot and I’ve had reports back that a certain two people are feeling an awful lot better about the thought of being photographed on their Wedding day and I for one am seriously looking forward to it!

 Katie&KieranEngagement-2 Katie&KieranEngagement-3   Katie&KieranEngagement-6 Katie&KieranEngagement-7 Katie&KieranEngagement-8 Katie&KieranEngagement-9 Katie&KieranEngagement-10 Katie&KieranEngagement-11 Katie&KieranEngagement-12 Katie&KieranEngagement-13 Katie&KieranEngagement-14  Katie&KieranEngagement-16 Katie&KieranEngagement-17 Katie&KieranEngagement-18 Katie&KieranEngagement-19 Katie&KieranEngagement-20 Katie&KieranEngagement-21 Katie&KieranEngagement-22 Katie&KieranEngagement-23 Katie&KieranEngagement-24 Katie&KieranEngagement-25 Katie&KieranEngagement-26 Katie&KieranEngagement-27 Katie&KieranEngagement-28 Katie&KieranEngagement-29 Katie&KieranEngagement-30 Katie&KieranEngagement-31 Katie&KieranEngagement-32 Katie&KieranEngagement-33 Katie&KieranEngagement-34 Katie&KieranEngagement-35 Katie&KieranEngagement-36 Katie&KieranEngagement-37 Katie&KieranEngagement-38 Katie&KieranEngagement-39 Katie&KieranEngagement-40 Katie&KieranEngagement-41 Katie&KieranEngagement-42 Katie&KieranEngagement-43 Katie&KieranEngagement-44 Katie&KieranEngagement-45 Katie&KieranEngagement-46 Katie&KieranEngagement-47 Katie&KieranEngagement-48 Katie&KieranEngagement-50Katie&KieranEngagement-49  Katie&KieranEngagement-51 Katie&KieranEngagement-52 Katie&KieranEngagement-53 Katie&KieranEngagement-54 Katie&KieranEngagement-55 Katie&KieranEngagement-56 Katie&KieranEngagement-57 Katie&KieranEngagement-58 Katie&KieranEngagement-60 Katie&KieranEngagement-61 Katie&KieranEngagement-62 Katie&KieranEngagement-63 Katie&KieranEngagement-64 Katie&KieranEngagement-65 Katie&KieranEngagement-66 Katie&KieranEngagement-67 Katie&KieranEngagement-68 Katie&KieranEngagement-69 Katie&KieranEngagement-70 Katie&KieranEngagement-71 Katie&KieranEngagement-72 Katie&KieranEngagement-73 Katie&KieranEngagement-74  Katie&KieranEngagement-76 Katie&KieranEngagement-75


…..it would simply have been rude not to include the cat!Katie&KieranEngagement-78 Katie&KieranEngagement-79  Katie&KieranEngagement-81 Katie&KieranEngagement-82

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Until next time,

Ciara x


  1. What a wonderful idea to have a trial run of all the places that will be visited on the wedding day – berries yes or the icing on the cake and they certainly look like the kitties that got the cream. Shows off your eye and attention to detail Ciara – really impressed and a little emotional, I have to add!

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