engaged couple by lavender in calderstones park, liverpool

Laura & Chris’s Engagement shoot

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I had the unusual situation a couple of weeks ago of having a photo shoot that didn’t involve any animals whatsoever! It felt rather strange and unusually straight forward! Even with my Wedding couples who haven’t ridden their homebred horse to the church or had their eventers feature in the Engagement shoot I’ve nearly always had animals crashing the party in one form or another. Another of my completely non Equestrian couples last Spring found the backs of their knees being gently nibbled by some curious miniature ponies whilst leaning against a fence and there has been many a poochie involved! Most notably the mischievous Alfie who managed to slip his collar outside the church which he had been brought along to as a surprise to the recently married Sarah and Rich last summer!

engaged couple by lavender in calderstones park, liverpool

Although having said all of that, Laura and Chris’s Engagement shoot wasn’t strictly animal free as we met up at 8.30am in the beautiful Calderstones park in south Liverpool on a Saturday. This meant that the vast majority of dogs who live in south Liverpool were out being walked and having sticks thrown for them resulting in many a curious canine coming over to have a sniff and inevitably getting a cuddle at the same time….. none of us could help ourselves!

Laura & Chris's Engagement Photo shoot at Calderstones Park Liverpool

Although I’ve done quite a few photo shoots in and around Calderstones Mansion house for the fantastic Reader Organisation it was the first occasion where I had been let loose in Calderstones Park with the gardens in full bloom and an unsuspecting couple in tow! I was in my element! The promised 60 images from Laura and Chris’s engagement shoot quickly turned into many more as every glance in any direction provided a myriad of photographic opportunities and the colours just got better and better. For a couple who were a little nervous before the shoot at the thought of being photographed whilst gazing lovingly into each others eyes and not feeling really awkward (an understandable concern!) they were amazingly natural and such a joy to work with. There were giggles throughout (helped occasionally by my antics in the bushes – trying to get the perfect shot!) and some really lovely moments captured between Laura and Chris before they both dissolved i giggles! Which incidentally is my favourite thing to capture when working with a couple!

black and white photo of a hugging couple

I am really looking forward to working with Laura and Chris again in September when they tie the knot in Liverpool. (It’s almost time to start counting down the days guys!) I am sure there is much more giggling to come!

pre wedding photography session with cherry blossom trees

To find out more about the Wedding photography services I offer please click HERE or to see more examples of my work please click HERE and don’t forget to check back in the Autumn for the photos from Laura and Chris’s big day!

Ciara x

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