Lisa’s Mum, Daughter & Pony Photo Shoot // May 2018

Sep 17, 2018 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

I do get reminded quite regularly about the challenges of working with animals and children but what can I say I just can’t help myself! I set off on a beautiful bank holiday Monday for Lisa’s ‘Mum, Daughter & Pony Photo Shoot’ with Lisa’s old games pony Puds. With Ruby being just 2 it was ideal to photograph her as part of a Mum & Daughter shoot so she had Lisa beside her throughout the whole session. We also had Lisa’s Mum on hand throughout the whole shoot which was extremely helpful and kept Ruby well entertained whilst I was working with Lisa and Puds on their own.

Photographing children and animals (at the same time) does require a certain amount of patience in order to capture the images I’m always hoping to create on a shoot! I think that goes without saying! I think my patience stems however from knowing these images can happen in the flash of a second and the memories that can be caught and created on these photo shoots are just priceless.

It’s often a case of setting up scenes to get the best of the light and background and then it just takes the glimpse of a genuine smile and the momentary pricking of some pony ears and that’s it you’ve got it! Plus the immense satisfaction of capturing these moments make it all so worth while.

I have to say Puds was an absolute angel throughout the entire session. She was great with Ruby (who was also a little star to work with) and even when Ruby fell over and flashed her nappy at Puds, Puds just stood there, didn’t move a muscle and waited for Ruby to be picked up, turned the right was up again and we were able to carry on!

I absolutely loved working with these 3 and I hope you enjoy the selection of images from their photo shoot below.

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Until next time,

Ciara x

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