Walking with a horse and a dog

Huw’s horse (&dog) Portrait Shoot

Mar 17, 2016 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

With the vast majority of my human Portrait subjects being female (I haven’t been keeping track of the animal gender stats!) it makes for an interesting change to be booked to photograph a man and his animals! Sharon got in touch with me before Christmas to buy a Portrait shoot Christmas gift voucher for her husband Huw and as with some early Spring shoots a slight degree of flexibility was required to work around the somewhat moody weather of the day!  It was a few hours earlier than initially planned but after discussions on the phone that morning it was decided that I had better head to Winsford earlier rather than later as the weather was set to turn a little damp. In the end it was pretty perfect with a brief spitting of rain and a moody looking sky which only added to the shoot.

A man patting his beautiful horse

In my experience men tend to be slightly less enthusiastic about being in front of the camera but Huw was definitely an exception to this. His enthusiasm for the Portrait shoot and ease in front of the camera made him a joy to photograph and his two animal buddies were pretty well behaved throughout. Billy his handsome Irish Sport Horse was a complete gentle giant and I got plenty of cuddles (& slobber)  throughout the shoot when outfit changes were taking place. Scamper the cheeky Jack Russell did what Scamper wanted to do for the most part and wasn’t completely enamoured about being told what to do and when but he did concede on a few occasions and looked pretty dam cute when he did!

A man holding his horse

It was a thoroughly enjoyable Portrait Shoot with the snow capped Cheshire hills in the distance and the wonderful Whitegate Way on the doorstep.

Riding on the whitegate way

Now that Spring has most definitely sprung and 2016 is in full swing please get in touch if you would like to book a Portrait shoot for yourself or your family or take a look at my galleries to see more of my work!



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