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On the 8th Day of Christmas I give you; Ella & Jessie’s Sisters Photo Shoot

Jan 1, 2017 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

Firstly I would like to say a huge and very Happy New Year to everyone and hope you all managed to bring it in in style (whatever yours may be!) Mine has involved lots of home made Vietnamese food, bubbly (obviously!), the pub and then some good cycling today! A pretty perfect if low key way to finish off a very busy year and welcome in 2017! Not a horse in sight sadly but I’m sure that will be remedied very soon indeed! Back to horses though for now and I’m delighted to announce that Ella & Jessie’s sisters photo shoot from May 2016 is todays feature!

I have know both Ella and Jessie for many years now through my own days as a member of the Carbery Pony Club in Co. Cork. I was delighted to have the opportunity to photograph the two girls and their ponies on one of my regular trips back to Ireland last year and love the results we managed to get. When planning one photo shoot never mind a series of them over a few days the weather obviously crosses my mind and is generally a bit of a concern (be it that I work in the UK and Ireland) but shoots still need to be planned in advance and then the weather dealt with at the time of the shoot….

My Irish trip last May was booked up to the absolute max with 6 shoots planned over 4 days and the weather looking ‘changeable!’ Which is quite positive really for Ireland…..! With one shoot done and dusted on the Thursday evening the weather was looking pretty miserable for the Friday and sure enough when Friday came around it was one of those horrible days where the misty rain comes in off the Atlantic coast and doesn’t lift all day. In my books a shoot in those conditions is going to be miserable for everyone involved and the results not nearly as good as they could be. So we were all flexible and decided to hold out until the Monday to see if that was any more promising. The shoots over Saturday and Sunday saw me dodging the odd light rain shower and managing the effects of mild heatstroke (thank you Ireland!) Luckily when Monday morning came around it was an absolute stunner of a day!

With a flight not until the late afternoon I shot out to Harbour View beach first thing and we got the shoot under way. Ella and Jessie were fantastic to work with and Prada and Sam the ponies were pretty co-operative (for the most part!) Prada did require a little bribing to get those ears pricked at times… but then she is a Connemara pony and they do often think that they know best! We split the shoot between the girls house and the beach at the bottom of their drive. I spent a great deal of my own childhood and teenage years tearing up and down this particular beach on various ponies so it’s always a pleasure to come back to it!

All in all it was a great if busy few days in Ireland and Ella & Jessie’s sisters photo shoot is firmly a favourite from 2016. I’m so glad we managed to fit it in between Ella’s incredibly busy schedule of competing at a national level in both athletics and tetrathlon and we managed to avoid the very worst of Irish weather and instead land the very best of it instead!

If you are interested in booking a shoot in Ireland for sometime in 2017 please get in touch to find out when I’ll next be over. It’s generally about every 2 months from April time through to the Autumn or I can come over specifically for a shoot if there is a particular date required. For more information or to get in touch please see the links below.

Until tomorrow!

Ciara x

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