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Pugs in the Park

Apr 11, 2016 | Dog Photo Shoots

It’s not often that I have the luxury of going just 5 minutes down to the road to a Portrait Shoot but last month I had just that luxury when photographing the adorable Arne the Pug in Sefton Park in Liverpool. I had such a fun morning photographing the little cutie on an ‘At Liberty’ Dog Photo Shoot! I’m so used to photographing much larger animals (even the dogs that I photograph are usually considerably bigger) but it was a great and very grounding shoot which I can home from with decidedly muddy knees and a slightly damp tummy….. I certainly can’t be accused of not getting involved!

pug on steps

Arne is a Swedish pug and while I don’t think there’s anything specific about the breeding of a Swedish Pug it meant there was something of a language barrier!! It is odd to think of there being a language barrier with an animal but it’s not the first time I’ve come across it and unfortunately I don’t speak a word of Swedish!! Arne is however possibly the best behaved animal that I have ever photographed…..sorry to all the horses out there and his owner Marianne was more than happy to switch between the two languages when talking to me or directing the dog! He literally didn’t put a paw wrong for the entire morning! He was a little reticent to curl his tail and hold it up which apparently is a Pug ‘thing’ but with a little bit of encouragement (usually in the form of being showered with praise and given lots of cuddles he conceded on a few occasions!)

pug in daffodils

Being quite a cloudy morning the Spring colours in the park came out beautifully and there were daffodils and crocuses at every turn making for a very colourful shoot indeed! As all good shoots should it ended with a delightful cup of tea in the new Tea House on Lark Lane with Arne falling fast asleep under the table after the excitement of the morning. I’m not so sure how a cafe owner would feel about a Horse under a table so maybe best we stick to a mug of tea in the tack room for any Equine shoots…!

pug photo shoot in sefton park

If you have a dog and would like him or her to be photographed please get in touch. You can check out more examples of my work HERE and find out more information about the shoots HERE!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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