Rhiannon & Owen’s Photo Shoot Adventure // March 2018

Jul 16, 2018 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

I was delighted with Rhiannon booked in for a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot with me for March of this year. I remembered her and Owen from my days as a show photographer at Tushingham Arena where I often saw them whizzing around, always a smile on Rhiannon’s face and Owen always looking like he was loving life!

Their photo shoot was a somewhat emotional event as later that week Rhiannon was set to say something of a goodbye to Owen who has really been a ‘pony of a lifetime’ for her. Luckily he’s not going too far and is officially out on loan so not as bad as some goodbyes but I would imagine she misses his cheeky face peering out over his stable door every morning.

It was a lovely sunny March afternoon and we split the shoot into two locations between the yard so we could include her youngster Mo in a few of the shots and then we headed up into the Clewd hills for Rhiannon & Owen’s Photo Shoot Adventure!

I love Owen! His enthusiasm for life is pretty unique and when he saw the ramp of the horsebox come down he literally couldn’t get up it quick enough… (an enviable trait in a horse!) He proceeded to power march up the hill when we got there, not fair when myself and Catrin (who had come along to help) only had 2 legs each to try and keep up!

It was well worth the hike and the views from the top were spectacular. You could see all the way out to Snowdonia in one direction and to the Irish sea in the other. Owen loved every minute of it and looked like he was truly in his natural habitat on top of a Welsh hill! I particularly liked our final location of the Photo Shoot which was a tiny old disused quarry and made for some gorgeous images to finish the afternoon off with.

It is always a privilege to capture such a close bond and with Owen’s imminent move to a new home it made the photo shoot even more poignant.

If you would like to discuss organising a Photo Shoot to capture your bond with your horse or pony please get in touch via any of the means below or take a look through my Portfolio for some more examples of my work.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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