Sally, Eadie & Poppy // An evening of Photo Shoots // May 2018

Sep 6, 2018 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

On the first bank holiday in May I had a fantastic evening of Horse & Rider Photo Shoots with Sally, Eadie & Poppy. First up was Sally with Murphy and after them, I worked with sisters Eadie & Poppy with (another) Murphy and pony Roly!

Sally and Murphy were great to work with and with both of her parents helping out there were plenty of hands to shake, rattle and roll everything we needed to get those all important ears forward! Not that Murphy needed loads of encouragement and seemed pretty happy to spend his afternoon posing for the camera. Sally likewise was great to photograph, being quite used to her Dad snapping away at her I think!

When it came to Eadie & Poppy I was proved instantly wrong in my assumptions. Murphy (the 2nd) is a Connemara pony and in my experience Connemara’s tend to amongst the most challenging on the ear front on photo shoots! I think in part it is that they are so clever they figure out my tricks too early on in the shoot and then realise that life would be much simpler if we just gave up and left them in peace… Given this I forewarned Eadie that Murphy might be a little tricky on the ear front and so what did he do for the duration of the shoot…. Of course he pricked his ears and behaved like a pro-model for the entire thing…. Genuinely thank you Murphy, this is an area in which I really enjoy being proved wrong in!

Roly on the other hand was a different kettle of fish altogether! I think Roly looks adorable in all of his photos but we did have some slight convincing issues with his near side ear… it got to the stage where we all got a bit worried that the ear muscles had actually stopped working but luckily Roly looked so cute and cuddly with his ears in any position that we just rolled with it… pardon the pun. Roly had originally been Eadie’s pony, was then sold and subsequently bought back for Poppy so to say he is a well loved part of the family would be something of an understatement!

I had such a fun (and slightly sweaty) afternoon and evening with Sally, Eadie & Poppy and love this collection of images from their shoots.

If you are interested in organising a photo shoot for yourself or a day where I come out to your yard and do a series of photo shoots then please just get in touch.

Until next time,

Ciara x


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