Scarlett’s Horse & Rider Photo Shoot

Feb 13, 2018 | Featured Shoots, Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

I am delighted to share with you Scarlett Cox Lomas’s Horse & Rider Photo Shoot from August 2017 which went on to win the ‘Portrait Shoot of the Year 2017’ title this January.

I took Scarlett on as a sponsored rider earlier in the Summer and we managed to arrange a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot for early on in August. I headed to Scarlett’s yard in Cheshire in the middle of the afternoon as I knew this shoot was going to be something of an epic one with her 6 ponies to include in it!

Scarlett was an absolute dream to work with. We decided to keep it simple with the outfits and use just 2 as there were so many ponies to get through and it always takes longer than expected changing outfits and ponies on a photo shoot!

We started off with Lillibet, Scarlett’s superstar home produced pony who she has had huge success with in various disciplines. Last summer alone she won the mini-major at Bolesworth with Lillibet and they qualified for the working hunters at HOYS among many other wins and qualifications.

We also worked with Timmy, Spidge, Apple, Jack and Crystal before getting Scarlett’s Mum Emma and their dog Magic involved just as we were catching the last few rays of the days sun!

There were a few extra hands on deck throughout the shoot, preparing the next pony, holding ponies, applying fly spray and last minute hoof oil and giving Scarlett’s long hair a brush every so often! There was also a very necessary and much-appreciated Pizza break half way through the shoot!

We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon for the shoot weather wise and with plenty of shade, a small wooded area and a rather epic pond it was a pretty perfect location for a Horse and Rider Photo Shoot as well!

One shot we really wanted to achieve on this shoot was of all the ponies together with Scarlett and her trainer Helen and Emma! The full team! It took a little bit of logistical arranging making sure we had the ponies in the right order to avoid any arguments kicking off and it took a lot of jumping around, noises on my phone, rattling of buckets and general determination to get all 12 ears forward at the same time and avoid any blinking!! We did it though and I was delighted with the result!

I hope you enjoy the highlights from Scarlett’s Horse and Rider Photo Shoot below and if you would like to have a chat about a Photo Shoot of any sort for yourself and/or your horse I would love to hear from you!

Ciara x

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