Three sisters and their ponies on a kids & ponies photo shoot

On the second day of Christmas I give you you; Daisy, Lily & Fleur (Kids & Ponies Photo Shoot)

Dec 26, 2016 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

I hope everyone had fantastic Christmas days yesterday and are feeling suitably full of turkey, christmas pudding and sprouts today! I am delighted that Lucy’s three girls Daisy, Lily & Fleur’s ‘Kids & Ponies Photo Shoot’ from back in June of this year is the second to be chosen as a favourite from 2016!

The three girls were an absolute delight to work with and despite a slightly damp start to the shoot the weather cleared up and we were left with a lovely summer’s evening and a somewhat moody looking sky which added a nice dramatic feel to some of the photos.

The four ponies Jerry, Misty, Curly and Felix were a great mix of characters ranging from extremely cheeky to pretty saintly! Jerry may have been the smallest in the line up but he was by no means the smallest in personality being an ex-circus pony! Misty who is best known for her games abilities was a little cutie and completely laid back about the whole thing (show her a games flag though and it would have been an entirely different story I was told!). Curly on the other hand got very excited about being the centre of attention and really wasn’t sure if he wanted to eat everything in sight or take off around the field more so there was a little bit of negotiating to be done with him! Felix however was the gentle giant of the gang and I think secretly loved being in front of the camera and was a little bit of a poser it has to be said!

As with all family shoots or with a kids & ponies photo shoot I worked with each of the girls individually as well as braving some larger group shots. These are always a little interesting, attempting to get 3-4 lots of pony ears forward at the same time as capturing all three of the girls at their best but with a little bit of dancing and jumping around, lots of horse noises from my trusty phone apps and maybe a little small bit of food bribery we got there and I absolutely love the results!

So Lucy and family you now have the challenge of picking another favourite image from your shoot which I will get printed as a 9×6 fine art print for you in the New Year and sent out! For anyone else interested in a shoot please get in touch and you can either make use of my Winter Offer (£65) which is valid for January, February and March or book a date for later in the year and give yourself something to look forward to during these short winter days!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who the next favourite shoot will be and in the meantime enjoy that turkey curry! Oh and Happy Boxing Day (& Happy St.Stephens’s Day for my Irish followers!)

Ciara x



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