Shooting with Chloe, Benny & Spirit for Horze // Part 2: April 2018

Nov 4, 2018 | Commercial Photo Shoots

Following on from my last week’s blog about working with Chloe, Spirit & Benny in July 2017 here is part 2 as promised!

In April of this year I had the pleasure of working with Chloe again. This time, however, I was shooting with Chloe, Benny & Spirit for Horze Equestrian. It was a totally different shoot to the last one although we had similar doubts as to whether the weather would hold (good old Ireland!). Unlike the last shoot which was primarily for my Portfolio and Chloe’s Instagram, this time we were shooting for Horze Equestrian with an incredible array of horse and rider clothing and accessories from their latest collection.

We started at Maryville Equestrian Centre in Cork with Benny, Chloe’s 2* Eventer where we had the use of their arenas for a time for some ridden shots. Boy can that horse move and jump! Our next move was to head down to Kilbrittain in West Cork where we found some gorgeous woods just in time to take shelter from a bit of a downpour! At this stage in the day we were joined by Spirit and Jodie who is currently loaning him and Jodie’s Mum.

Having made the most of the shelter by shooting in the woods while it was raining we headed down to one of my all-time favourite places, Harbour View beach! I have spent countless hours on this beach (quite a few of them on horseback myself and in more recent years with a camera in my hand and a horse in front of me!) As always, it didn’t disappoint! We were met by a spectacularly moody sky and a retreating tide to conclude the days shooting!

It was a super long day with a few well-needed coffee stops along the way! With countless outfit changes, the matching of numnah’s to jodhpurs and boots to bridles it’s safe to say we were all exhausted but extremely satisfied by the end of the day! It’s always a privilege to work with a brand such as Horze and I thoroughly enjoyed working on this shoot for them. It’s also been such fun to watch my images being used by them and getting all around the world this year!

To top the day off I ended up back in the saddle myself having a good old gallop across the beach on Benny! If only all days ‘at work’ could be finished in this way…. There’s simply nothing else like it!

Chloe as always was an absolute blast to work with, she has an abundance of energy and is always up for trying things, having a laugh and always, always wants to finish a photo shoot by getting absolutely soaked!

Stay tuned as I had the pleasure of working with her again a couple of weeks ago and I can’t wait to share the images from that shoot with you all soon!!!

If you think a Photo Shoot could help with your business or brand or you’ve been dreaming about one for yourself and your horse for a while now then please get in touch as I would love to chat to you!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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