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The Best Locations for a Horse Photo Shoot in the North West!

Apr 9, 2021 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots, Preparing for a Photo Shoot

A Guide to what I consider are the Favourite Locations for a Horse Photo Shoot in the North West!

For those of you who fancy getting off the yard and out to a beautiful location for your Horse & Rider Photo Shoot here are a few of my very favourite spots:

Delamere Forest 

An absolute favourite! Over the years I’ve found many wonderful spots in Delamere Forest for Photo Shoots. It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing (within reason!) or how busy the forest is, there are always some beautiful, quiet spots to be had. It’s also a favourite location of mine for long trail runs so I’m often exploring new parts, trying to lose the crowds and adding new spots to my list which will work particularly well for Photo Shoots! 

Marbury Park 

Another of my favourites! Again, you can’t go wrong here! Whether it’s a Horse & Rider, Family or Dog Photo Shoot. Marbury Park pulls out all the stops. From a picturesque car park, to meadowy fields & stunning Woodland, Marbury works equally well for early morning and late evening Photo Shoots. 

Formby Beach & Woods 

If you’re looking for the winning combination of wonderful woodland, dreamy dunes and a beautiful beach then Formby Beach & Woods is the ideal spot for your Horse & Rider Photo Shoot. Evening shoots are ideal here as we can finish off on a near empty beach with the sun dipping down below the horizon to create some truly magical images!

Little Budworth Common 

It tends to be a little quieter here than Delamere forest and it’s a gorgeous spot whatever the time of year. With woodland & open spaces to work with, tall ferns & heather filled clearings, LIttle Budworth Common is a great spot for a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot. 

Clwyd Hills

I absolutely adore having North Wales on my doorstep and there are some cracking locations to be found within the Clwydian Range. With views across to Snowdonia on a clear day and iconic summits such as Moel Famau this is the ultimate location for a shoot for anyone with a Welsh Pony looking for something a little on the Wild side!

Nessclife Hills

If you’re a little further towards Shrewsbury and looking for a great location for your Horse & Rider Photo Shoot then I’d really recommend considering Nesclife Hills. With stunning views over the Shropshire countryside and the woods for some lovely variety, this is a fabulous location for a Photo Shoot with your horse.

The Wirral Way

There are tons of great locations to be found for a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot on the Wirral but the Wirral Way has got to be my favourite! It tends to be better on a weekday or really early or really late in the day as it can be busy otherwise. Combined with the beach at Thurstaston or even dare I mention it Hadlow road station, the Wirral Way makes for a great location for a Photo Shoot. 

The Whitegate Way

Similar to the Wirral Way, the Whitegate way is a great option for a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot. With plenty of beautiful trees, excellent bridges and some beautiful colours in the Spring & Autumn it makes for a great location.

Tatton Park

For anyone on the East side of Cheshire, Tatton Park makes for an ideal spot for a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot. With acres of space (literally!), lovely wooded areas, stunning lakes and tree lined avenues, it’s easy to feel spoilt for choice at a location like this!

Rivington Park

A great location for a Horse & Rider Photo Shoot in Lancashire. 

I hope the above has given you some inspiration for your own Photo Shoot. I love exploring new locations and finding Photo Shoot gems so do feel free to add any of your favourite spots which other might find helpful when planning their own Photo Shoot.

Ciara x

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