The Best of 2021: Horse & Dog Photo Shoots

Feb 15, 2022 | 'At Liberty' Photo Shoots, Dog Photo Shoots, Latest

It’s the last in the series of my ‘Best of 2021’ and this week it’s all about the wonderful Horse & Dog Photo Shoots of 2021!

Some of the portraits below are from shoots which have been dedicated to Horse ‘at Liberty’ type images and others are from shoots where there has been a mix of horse & rider type images and horse and dog portraits.

I get asked so often about the logistics of creating a black background portrait and while there are a few key elements required at your location to make this happen they are actually relatively straightforward to create. What I need is a stable doorway or barn entrance ideally without direct sun shining into it, a somewhat willing model and occasionally a little bit of bribery! Reins can be edited out if that’s your preference after the session and the good news is it really doesn’t matter how messy your stable is behind as it will all get magicked away in Photoshop anyway! 😅

I absolutely love creating these kinds of portraits for my clients and they truly come to life once printed and given pride of place on the wall! They look particularly stunning as fine art canvasses or framed acrylics and I always find it a little bit hard handing them over to my clients as I’d really like to keep them for my own walls instead! 😆

I hope you have enjoyed this ‘Best of 2021’ series. Despite the curve balls that the pandemic has continued to throw at us I am so grateful to each and every one of my clients who has booked a shoot over the past few years. It has been such a privilege photographing all of your stunning horses and dogs and I do hope you enjoy the selection of my favourite photos below.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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