The Best of 2021: Kids & Ponies Photo Shoots

Jan 27, 2022 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots, Latest

THE BEST OF 2021: KIDS & PONIES PHOTO SHOOTS! What is it they say about working with children & animals? I must be a glutton for punishment!! And have the patience of a saint… This is what I’m told by the parents of most of the children I end up photographing! But do you know what I love these shoots so much!

I was HORSE OBSESSED as a kid and when I was lucky enough to get my first pony at 11, I literally thought all my dreams had come true! Unfortunately, it turned out my first pony was an absolute little s**t, so that didn’t last long but my love for horses never wained and I soon bonded with my next pony and never looked back!

Photographing children and their beloved ponies really is a dream. I know how precious these memories will be to them as they grow up and it is such a joy to capture these carefree, innocent days of childhood.

I really hope you enjoy my selection of favourites from some of 2021’s Kids & Ponies Photo Shoots.

Coming next week: The Best of 2021: Horse & Dog Photo Shoots.

Until then,

Ciara x

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