The Best of 2022: Horse Photo Shoots

Jan 11, 2023 | 'At Liberty' Photo Shoots, Deluxe Photo Shoot, Latest, Standard Shoot

With 2022 well and truly done, I’m delighted to bring you my ‘Best of’ series of Blogs!! Starting with The Best Of 2022: Horse Photo Shoots! Over the next little while I’m going to be sharing some of my very favourite images from last years Horse & Rider Photo Shoots, Dog Photo Shoots, Kids & Ponies Photo Shoots and of course my very favourite… The Best of 2022’s Outtakes!

I’ve divided them up into these specific catagories so it’s nice and easy to find inspiration for a specific type of image or Photo Shoot. However, the images are from a mix of my Deluxe, Standard & Mini Photo Shoots. Although you won’t be able to tell from the Photos what was shot on each type of shoot, there will have been differences in how long the shoots lasted and what was included with each session. Please head to my ‘Info’ pages for more about each Photo Shoot type.

I get asked so often about the logistics of creating a black background portraits and while there are a few key elements required at your location to make this happen they are actually relatively straightforward to create. All I need is a stable doorway or barn entrance ideally without direct sun shining into it, a somewhat willing model and occasionally a little bit of bribery! Reins can be edited out if that’s your preference after the session and the good news is it really doesn’t matter how messy your stable is behind as it will all get magicked away in Photoshop anyway! 😅 I do also have a small portable studio I can bring with me if you would like a white background or have a particularly tricky set up making the doorway portraits difficult.

And of course, the images with multiple heads were not shot like that on the day… can you imagine the chaos! The finished pieces were created in the comfort of my office in Photoshop!

‘At Liberty’ style shots can make for a great addition to a Photo Shoot of your Horse. Small paddocks with hedges or smart fencing on 1-2 sides make for the best locations to let your Horse run wild & free.. Although the temptation of grass can be a little overwhelming at times so I would always suggest bringing a lunge line & whip just in case! As well as or instead of any action shots a Horse simply standing in their field can make for a gorgeous environmental portrait or if the light and location is just right an image like this one of Frankie can be created.

I absolutely loved photographing each and every one of these horses last year. From companion ponies to in work racehorses, capturing their individual personalities and creating these portraits was a joy. Then getting many of the images printed onto stunning Fine Art Paper, Canvasses or Acrylics and making sure they arrived safely at their owners homes was just the icing on the cake and I know that many of these images are going to be a lifelong memory of some very special horses. Especially William & Bertie. RIP. Gone too soon. I’m just so glad we managed to capture these portraits in time.

Until next time,

Ciara x

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