The Best of 2022: Horse & Rider Photographs

Jan 26, 2023 | Deluxe Photo Shoot, Horse and Rider Photo Shoots, Latest, Standard Shoot

Second up in my series of ‘Best of 2022’ are some of my favourite Horse & Rider Photographs from Photo Shoots last year. As with my Horse Photo Shoot Blog these images were taken across a range of Deluxe, Standard & Mini Photo Shoots. This blog is featuring all the older teenagers and adults I worked with throughout 2022 and next week I’ll be featuring all the wonderful younger children I had the honour of photographing last year!

I love capturing the different bonds and relationships between Horses and their owners. It brings me so much joy to know these precious memories have been captured and preserved forever from the simple act of booking a Photo Shoot.

Below are two videos which I filmed as part of Amy & Diane’s Deluxe Shoots last year. I have really enjoyed introducing Video as part of my Deluxe Shoots as I think it complements the photographs really well and captures a slightly different aspect of my client’s relationships with their horses. In the years to come I know these are going to mean the world to my clients… as well as being enjoyed immensely right now too!

Whether you have one, two or a whole herd of horses who hold a special place in your heart, a Photo Shoot is the ultimate way to ensure you preserve your special memories with them for a lifetime.

I hope you enjoy this selection of some of my favourite Horse & Rider Photographs from last year and I can’t wait to share with you all the cheeky Children & Ponies I worked with last year very soon!

Until then,

Ciara x

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Horse & Rider Photograph
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