The Cheshire Bloodhounds Closing Meet

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All season I’ve been looking at the diary and trying to tie in a Sunday out with the Cheshire Bloodhounds but without much luck and before I knew it, it was the closing meet for the season! Luckily my diary conceded this one to me and so I bundled myself off down to Cheshire, camera in hand and ready for another slice of the action. It had been a while having only been out with them on a video making mission once during their 1st season but there was a warm reception, a lift to be had and a definite buzz of excitement in the air for the closing meet of the season!


The growth of the hunt is quite staggering from December 2013 to March 2015 not to mention the huge entourage of following supporters and enthusiasts! It’s great to see such a supportive hunt and such care being taken of those who are younger or less inclined towards the jumping aspect of it all but still love the thrill of it all. Having only ever hunted in Ireland and from what I can recall only ever on young or ever so slightly over enthusiastic horses the Cheshire Bloodhounds seems to me like the ultimate in a fun yet considerate day out hunting!


Below are a quite a few from the day but the full lot can be found over on my website and for anyone who wants a copy they can be purchased as digital or print versions. (Please don’t copy or save any images from this blog post.)


Thank you to the Cheshire Bloodhounds once again for having me and I very much look forward to going out again next year (hopefully a little earlier in the season!!)

CBH-1 CBH-2 CBH-6 CBH-4 CBH-5  CBH-7 CBH-8 CBH-9 CBH-10 CBH-11 CBH-12 CBH-13 CBH-14 CBH-15 CBH-16 CBH-17 CBH-18 CBH-19 CBH-20  _MG_2121_MG_2129CBH-22 CBH-21CBH-23 CBH-24 CBH-25 CBH-26 CBH-27 CBH-28 CBH-29 CBH-30 CBH-31 CBH-32 CBH-33 CBH-34 CBH-35 CBH-36 CBH-37 CBH-38 CBH-39 CBH-40 CBH-41
CBH-43 CBH-44 CBH-45  CBH-47 CBH-48 CBH-49 CBH-50 CBH-51 CBH-52 CBH-54 CBH-55 CBH-56CBH-69 CBH-57CBH-70 CBH-58  CBH-60 CBH-61 CBH-62 CBH-63 CBH-64 CBH-65 CBH-66 CBH-67 CBH-68

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